Lone Star Trout

lone_star_beer Back in the 1960′s executives at the Lone Star Brewery were no longer satisfied with simply stocking Hill Country bars with beer, so they began stocking The Guadalupe River with trout. I’ve heard it was a publicity campaign. I’ve also read that these were executives who liked to flyfish and simply wanted to be able to fish for trout in Texas. Of course I love this nationalistic mentality. In a war of passions, I’m not sure who’d win, Texans or flyfishermen. Texans love the great state of Texas as much as flyfisherman love a dead drift. In this case, the combination was a recipe for success because they created the southernmost trout fishery in the United States.

I’m no stranger to the Guadalupe. When I was a kiddo, my grandparents had a house right on the river. I spent summers swimming and tubing in the rapids among giant cypress trees dripping in Spanish moss. In college we’d race along the river road, hitting any and every honkytonk that would serve us beer. More recently than I care to admit, I went on a GuadalupeRiver w big tree Guadalupe tubing adventure with a group of friends. Picture some 30 & 40-somethings, who are otherwise upstanding members of their communities and corporations, floating down the river with coolers of beer, sucking on jello shots and getting into aggressive singing competitions with fellow floaters. Of course we capsized dramatically, there was a bit of a theft from a campsite along the bank. I really shouldn’t go into details.

But what I can share is that I am having a mad love affair with the Guadalupe River. At each stage of my life, it just seems to offer me something new. These days it’s trout. I’ve had some fun wade-fishing outings, with moderate success. But I’ve long sensed that if I could just cover some water with a person who really knows it well, I could leap ahead to a whole new level with this river. Now normally I’m not a big fan of level-jumping in a relationship, but where the Guadalupe is concerned it was time to get a little more serious, make a commitment.

So I booked a guide.

Banning Collins guides in Texas in the winter and Montana in the summer. I really can’t say enough about Banning. Top notch guide with a wealth of experience and personality to spare. We met at the put-in, he already had his cataraft in the water so we popped on the river. I like to travel lean but he wisely suggested I bring my 5-wt and my 6-wt plus layers upon layers of clothes because it was ice-cold. I realize cold is a relative term, and that Texas winters are mild. But it was 30-some-odd degrees when we put on. The sun, however, was bright and the day sublime. Pristine water with deep pools that glowed a mesmerizing blue-green color. Those familiar trees leaned over from the edge, offering moss and mood. And the best part of all, I caught trout on the Guadalupe like never before. These hearty holdovers had been holding out on me.

cbj guad 01cbj guad 02

Banning deserves all the credit of course, not just for putting me on the perfect spots, but really taking the time to explain how this river fishes differently than what I’m used to. I will be the first to admit, I have been spoiled rotten by the dry flies and big skies of Montana. But those boys from Lone Star were truly onto something. I mean, I was an hour away from my house on a gorgeous day in January, catching trout with some legitimate chunk and spunk to them. And they fought with a unique style. On my first take I was actually worried I’d foul-hooked the fish because it seemed to be coming at me sideways. But that 22 midge was on his lip right where it was supposed to be. Each fish did the same thing, sort of pitching to one side as it fought then making a good run right at the end.

cbj guad 03And right to the end, it was a great day. It’s hard to distill all the intangible highlights into words, but let’s just say once again the Guadalupe was there for me. All those freshwater takes gave me a fresh take on a river I’ve known my entire life. And I’m rejuvenated to see how much more there is to discover.

Once back in Austin, I decided to top off my flyfishing adventure with live music at Atone’s. Truthfully I was already pretty hopped-up on the highs of catching Texas trout, but of course I had to celebrate with some Lone Star too. And I can say, now more than ever, I am proud to call it ‘The National Beer of Texas’.

lone star poster

30 Responses to “Lone Star Trout”
  1. TCWriter says:

    I’ve got 14 inches of snow to move and you’re drinking beer. Damn.

  2. Day Tripper says:

    Great first post, and welcome to the A-Team!

  3. Jim@FFO says:

    Nice first post FFC. I look forward to reading your stuff. Now, write a hundred more ;-P

  4. Ken Morrow says:

    Congratulations on getting this launched. I’m going to run your OFA Fly Girlz pictorial next on OFA. I’ll email you this weekend.

  5. Kim says:

    You are one bad a#@ women.. do you know that.. who is by the way BEAUTIFUL!!! Good luck with your shiny new blog!! :)

  6. We congratulate the Fly Fish Chick on her new launch! We know stories about this woman that would curl your toe nails and make your line snap! We love her beyond measure and our only advice is that if she catches more trout than you, she might allow you to take her to dinner at the Four Seasons!

    KK and SalGal

  7. zandy says:

    thanks for linking to me on your new blog. your first post is a masterpiece.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Congratulations on the new blog! This is really exciting. I once heard from a guide that women are natural fly fishermen. We know how to finesse it, how not to force it and how to read the river.
    Best of luck! Can’t wait for more fish stories!

  9. BusyDad says:

    I need to revisit this aspect of my life. Badly! At least for now, I can flyfish vicariously through you.

  10. Jim says:

    Hey Chick….

    Hot Stuff! Looking forward to reading more.


  11. Tara R. says:

    Woohoo… great new blog. Brings back some great memories with my granddad on the Tennessee River. Way to go!

  12. 7xTippet says:

    I loved hearing about your float down the Guad. You’ve got a real talent for writing about all the sights and sensations of flyfishing; it’s such great writing that even an ex-husband can love it! Good luck, FFC.

  13. Gus says:

    Just got off of the phone with Dave Roberts, a friend from “home” – he told me of your site. Nice! I see Tom as the first poster as well… lots of familiar faces.

    As a Jefferson state expatriate living in Round Rock, it’s nice to see this… I’ve yet to fish the Guad with so many opportunities right in the backyard and having moved from being spoiled by the Rogue. (and still living vicariously there via my flyfishjefferson site and other stuffs…)

    Anyway, good luck with the site – I was looking at our pond just the other day thinking it’s time to break out the ‘boo.


  14. Dogpound35 says:

    …very refreshing to read something about flyfishing that does not wreak of testosterone and machismo. More anglers should take your laid-back approach and learn to fish dry flies, rather than chase bobbers down the river. Appreciate.

  15. Graham says:

    It’s that smile again :D

    Shamefully, I have never tried flyfishing (I know, that’s awful). I have always been into course fishing – My birthday is one day after the start of the fishing season here in England, and have always been given a fishing lisence for my birthday.

    So, I am going to set myself a challenge to learn the “art” of flyfishing. Please be warned that I may be coming to you for tips and advice ;)

    I look forward to reading and learning from your posts!

    Have a great week ~ Graham :)

  16. Savannah says:

    as a fellow texan, this really made me giggle,…..i love that i can look at those pic and know exactly where you were fishing,…..

    my love affair with fly fishing began with my mother, who i would frequent the gaud with,……those hot as hell summer days spent catchin colorful sun fish, and the cool fall and winter days filled with trout,……i caught my first trout on the gaud and will never forget it,…

    the only question i have is,….who was playin at antone’s?

  17. Kevin says:

    Hey Chick…….and I REALLY mean Chick…..

    Check out Texas Monthly, page 38…..tell me what you think…..your fly tying lessons are waiting…..

  18. I cant imagine stepping into a stream in January. I’ll have to start packing up my rod for the winter and heading to Texas from the looks of it.

  19. Fantastic story. A bit of good old nostalgic history. You can’t beat it. It sounds like your love of the Guadalupe river will last for a long time.

  20. Fluefiske says:

    This was a great read. Finally a blog that is worth reading from start to end. You just gained a new reader. :)

  21. Hiring a guide for a trip down a river you already know…now that is keeping an open mind. Love that kind of thinking. Fantastic fishing from the sound of it. Walking into a river in January… have to laugh at that. Around here it is more like walking ONTO a river in January.

  22. Awesome blog post and nice pictures too. Trout fishing starts in April here, can’t wait!

  23. fbeats says:

    but i am very sorrow cause not look her fact but i like this post for

  24. Jeff Brennan says:

    I’ll fish with you ANY day!

    Tight lines!

    Murrieta, CA.

  25. thanks a million Jeff!

  26. Iain says:

    That is pretty cool that they decided to post trout in the river. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that.

    IT sounds like you had a really amazing time with Banning. I haven’t gotten down to Texas to try fishing down there, but up here in Ontario we have a ton of lake trout that are a blast to catch.
    Iain recently posted..Spring crappie fishing tipsMy Profile

  27. well I’ve never been to Ontario so clearly we can share fishing stories! thanks for your comment!

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