I’ve Got No Beef With Jesus, I Promise.

Sometimes my day-to-day life as a PTA mom doesn’t always mesh with my fishing world. I used to have one of these Scott fish stickers on my car.

 scott sticker

But I took it off when I learned that some of the parents at my daughter’s school thought I was making fun of this fish sticker.


I just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

22 Responses to “I’ve Got No Beef With Jesus, I Promise.”
  1. Dave - SLF says:

    I’m betting that most of the folks with the “original” fish sticker have never actually fished – or at least have not done so within the past ten years. So they should be trying to match your morals (or morels-yummy). They’re bait fishing anyway… f’-em. Put the sticker back on and let ‘em wonder.

    – SmellsLikeFish

  2. dmj says:

    Didn’t Norman Mclain write that the Disciples were fishermen and Jesus was a fly fisherman?

  3. El Pescador says:

    Those parents who “thought” you were making fun of something sacred aren’t supposed to be passing judgement anyway. I think the sticker should go back on your car….and if interested, I can send you a few more stickers for good measure (tarpon, bonefish, permit and trout). Let me know. Keep the fly in the water and believe in every cast. Amen sister.

  4. Small minds, put it back on. Of course I have almost got hit with the bumper sticker I have on my tying box I take to shows. Being a Bamboo Addict, and I love Payne style tapers, with there swelled butt sections. The bumper sticker says “I Love Swelled Butts”. Guess she didn’t think it was funny.

  5. smellslikefish – hallelujah. when in doubt, f’-em.

    dmj – excellent point. love the bumper sticker/fishing/theology conversation I’ve accidentally started on ash wednesday

    el pescador – now I need a sticker that reads “keep the fly in the water and believe in every cast”

    dave – I think we need to see a picture of this flybox with the swelled butts sticker. sounds classic

    godspeed boys

  6. JVK says:

    I don’t really see the resemblance and even if I did I don’t understand why it would be offensive.
    Now if it said “evangelicals are suckers for fakes”(cheap shot at politics)then you might have something.


  7. Jorge says:

    A little confusion with the symbol of the fish. It’s normal.

    Nice blog!


  8. Salty says:

    personally, I would have left it on instead of deferring to ignorance and the easily “offended” Talibaptists, but that’s just me.

  9. Yi says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how certain things attract attention from particular folks. Especially when they are harmless. I would slap the sticker back on the car and take some of those ladies fishing. I’m sure they will discover that fly fishing is good for the soul.

  10. John Prather says:

    Lord knows if you had a bumper sticker for “Boobie Eyes” then you’d really be in trouble!

    John P.

  11. Wally says:

    It’s a sign from God to move to Montana.

  12. John M. White says:

    As a Chrisitan, and a fly fisherman, I find this whole incident very unfortunate and disheartening. I see no reason at all why any Christian should have been offended by your Scott Flyrod sticker. More importantly, I am embarrased by what these “Christian” folks said or implied. In the Bible, Jesus said that he came and died for everyone who would believe in Him as the sacrifice for their sins. I would hope that everyone would actually read and investigate the Bible for themselves, and see the love of God for His creation, that he actually sent his Son to die for us and give us new and full life! If you read in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), you will see that Jesus was accused by the “religious” of His day for hanging out and eating with tax collectors, prostitutes, the lame, leperous, and sick etc…..the outcasts of society as well as folks in all parts of society. Christianity is reaching out to tell people about God’s love for them, as demonstarted by the death of His son Jesus as a sacrifice acceptable to God. In no other religion does God the creator die and rise again to redeem His own creation. The only thing required is acceptance of this free gift by belief. Don’t mean to preach and get off base, just trying to say, examine it for yourself and don’t just rely on hearsay as to what Christianity is, or bad experiences growing up with “false churches” or “false Christians”…there are plenty of imposters. Driving around with a “christian fish” sticker on your vehicle doesn’t make you a Christian, it’s what’s in your heart, and what you do with God’s free gift.

  13. ~lol ‘Boobie Eyes’

    Rock on sister!

  14. Gus says:

    I’ve casted with Dave’s swelled butt. I’ll never forget what he showed me that day on the river… It was one of the sweetest bamboo big guns I have ever felt. Wait! Get your mind outta the gutter! Cripes, people.

    Seriously, what was that rod, Dave – the big-ol boo with the comficient-type grip? It was a rocket launcher.

    But the stories his tying box could tell… Not for the faint of heart.

    My car has a sticker on it that says “Raise Cane: Fish Bamboo!” The local lip rippers “jus’ don’ git it.”:)

  15. KBarton10 says:

    You need to complete the ensemble for them to stop harrasing you. Just let a couple of empty beer bottles rattle out of the door when you grind to a stop… emerge with a damp cigarette dangling carelessly from a corner of your mouth, yank a pint out of your back pocket(apple juice) and take a noisy and laborious pull off’n it…

    Belch, swear loudly, then head for the PTA moms..

    They will stop quibbling about the fish sticker.

  16. Dave - SLF says:

    So, I’ve checked out her photos, and picturing the FFC pulling a pint out of her back pocket…I don’t know, it kinda does it for me. Thanks for the visual, KBarton.

  17. KBarton — now are you implying that drinking margaritas in the carpool line is taboo?

    (maybe the sticker is the least of my concern)

    Dave SLF — whatever you’re selling, I’m buying. thanks for the excessive flattery.

  18. FFC, if you ever head up to Or. for a class lady like you I will open a fine Merlot on the water (but will have a flask of single malt in the boat bag). Gus, I am sure that was the old F.E.Thomas double built 9′ 8wt. and you are right it is a thunder stick. Now you have to try the Kielly, or the Foster steelhead rods.

  19. Momo Fali says:

    Had to come check out the new digs. It smells like fish in here.

  20. Wow, I find that hard to believe that folks are so narrow minded in confusing these two symbols. In this town I just don’t see that happening.
    If it was me, I would have left that Scott fish sticker on but it’s just my opinion.
    Nice blog you have here, I appreciate you dropping by mine.

  21. Uncle Ken says:

    THere is a simple answer to this problem. But the sticker back up and another one next to it that makes it clear you are a fly fisher. That should clear up most of the problems.

    “Didn’t Norman Mclain write that the Disciples were fishermen and Jesus was a fly fisherman?”

    No dmj, he was not a flying fishermen, but he did walk on water… which is close.

    Uncle Ken

  22. Kaysville UT says:

    Why did they care if you were? How touchy people are about religion. The mormons here in Utah always seem to find something to complain about, too…

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