Winter Blues

For those of you still suffering frigid temperatures and cabin fever I thought I’d share some tunes to match your Winter Blues.

And despite a gorgeous weekend in Texas filled with bright skies and breezy temps, the only thing I caught was the flu. So looks like I’m singing ‘em too…

Cuddle up, double down and down the hatch. Push play to commiserate.

7 Responses to “Winter Blues”
  1. Harry says:

    Love your playlist, I may make it a regular Monday morning feature.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. Start thinking trout streams, that will make you feel better. Also be careful of some of the guys that are finding your site. One that is here is being so nice, but on most site’s he is known as smellyfish (and he does) (that is going to get me a pushed down off the tracks in Dunsmuir)

  3. Tara R. says:

    I love me some Muddy Waters… the hubster bought a box set a few years ago… no blues collection is complete without some MW… cool tunes.

  4. harry/tara — glad yall liked the tunes. they sound the way I feel today, and for some reason I am finding some comfort in that! nothing like the blues….

    david — appreciate your thoughtful advice. I will be wary of fisherman who ‘smell like fish’…although I have to say I am on the record with being a big fan of smellslikefish’s good-hearted comments.

    thanks all. hope you’ve had a great monday.

  5. Lou says:

    I couldn’t get to the playlist yesterday (having a Comcast sort of day), but checked it out this morning. As a transplanted Texan, the only changes I would make would be to add some Big Mama Thornton (the original “Hound Dog” would be a good start, but “Gone Fishing” is essential, too). Then you need a closing number to cap it off. Not “Good Night, Irene”, please. How about Big Al Carson doing “Take Your Drunken Ass Home”?

  6. Lou — great suggestions. with this type of playlist I’m at the mercy of what they have on Project Playlist. They do offer “Hound Dog” and “Take Your Drunk Ass Home” both of which are excellent. They are added now!

    They didn’t have Big Mama Thornton “Gone Fishing” which of course would have been great. But they do have a “Gone Fishing” by Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby that’s kinda kitchy. a little too swinging for this mix but it might show up on this blog somewhere down the line…

    thanks for the good tips. glad you’re singin’ the blues with me

  7. guido says:

    FFC- Ain’t nuthin’ like da blues no matter how yur feelin’! I find that I have most of these tracks already, but would add some Joe Bonamassa (Reconsider) and maybe some Van Wilks (Texas Jukin’) or even Wes jeans (Use What You Got). Just a thought.

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