They’d Rather Have Dogs Than Wives

My buddy Lance Gleason is a Missoula-based outfitter and fishing guide. He owns 406 Outfitters & Productions and put together this video called “Getting Guided“. He’s got some pretty cool footage, check it out…

13 thoughts on “They’d Rather Have Dogs Than Wives

  1. Oops, looks like your buddy lance gleason got deported from chile to the U.S for guiding without a license. That sucks for him.

  2. I just want to comment on Matt… my dear. You must be a very unhappy boy, to write a comment like that just tells me that you HAVE NO FRIENDS, and it sucks to be you.Seems to me this young lady is sticking by her friend till she hears what he has to say. Somepeople beleive in hearing “lets not make judgment calls, til we here what the other side has to say”

  3. Hey Lance-
    Great video- I’m glad you dropped the spinning rod, and found grace with a long noodle. Hats off to you, and always Hookum up.

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