3 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. heavens, I haven’t been out to Hunt in several years but last I heard The Hunt Store and Crider’s were going strong. Crider’s is an old rodeo/dance spot along the river that’s been running since the 20s — save a few years in the 90s when they had to take a break. I’m not sure when the Hunt Store opened, but judging from this picture it was awhile ago.


    might be time for me to do a pilgrimage back to the Hunt Store to see if their cheeseburgers are as good as ever — anyone had a cheeseburger at The Hunt Store recently? I know someone reading this blog has…

  2. Looks like you and I were thinking the same thing yesterday. Good pics, btw. I know someone who lives in Hunt, so I’ll see if I can find out about the store.

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