They Needed A Belle At This Bass Ball

southwest flyfishing cover Apparently it’s easier to catch a bass in the heart of Austin than it is to find a copy of this magazine. I went three places yesterday and couldn’t find it.

This is the current issue of Southwest Fly Fishing. From what I hear, there is an excellent article by Steve Probasco who fishes for bass in the shadows of downtown Austin with local guides Kevin Stubbs and Banning Collins. I can literally see the window of my old office in this cover shot. It’s a great view of downtown Austin and Town Lake.

Although Town Lake is now called Lady Bird Lake. And the Congress Bridge is now called Governor Ann Richards Bridge.

Given these particular area tributes, I think they needed a woman on this outing, don’t you? Perhaps it’s not very ladylike but next time I think I will just invite myself along. Or paddle by in a pink kayak singing a Lucinda Williams song. Loudly.

You know, just doing my part to Keep Austin Weird.

All joking aside I look forward to getting my hands on the actual story. It’s always fun to hear visitors bragging about your hometown and nice to see good people featured like my buddy Banning.

If you see a copy on your local magazine stand be sure to check it out. And as always….

keep austin weird

7 Responses to “They Needed A Belle At This Bass Ball”
  1. I remember how I cringed when the Upper Sac was picked as a “Top 10 trout river” by a fly fishing publication.

    As a certified crank (shading into certified cranky old guy) I’m enamored of the concept of people fishing my river far more than the reality of it.

    Still, with so much of the Austin fly fishing community seemingly focused on beer, maybe the impact of a story will never be felt…

  2. fliesonly says:

    I saw one on the rack at Borders yesterday.

    In Michigan.


  3. Adolfo Montemayor Jr. says:

    FlyFishChick,I live in San Antonio.I just bought the magazine your looking for at Barnes&Noble on N.281 and 1604.I ‘m looking forward to reading the magazine and fishing these spots.If you’d like,I ‘ll buy you a magazine and mail it to you.They had about 6or7 copies when I left.I’ll be by that B&N this afternoon.It’s 11:48a.m. right now.I’ll be leaving at 4:45p.m.Fish Hard or Stay Home!

  4. adolfo — you are too kind! someone emailed me a pdf so I think I’m good to go. am headed to the airport soon so I look forward to checking it out on the plane. hope things are good in SA. thanks again, that’s very very thoughtful of you!!

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit Texas. Although it wasn’t for the fishing. lol

  6. Very interesting article.

    Thank you for posting it.

  7. Sam says:

    Thanks for that article I love visiting Town Lake.

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