To Live Is To Fly


“…Well I may be gone, I won’t be long

I’ll be bringing back the melody

And all the rhythm that I find…”

(from TO LIVE IS TO FLY written by Texas legend Townes Van Zandt)

One final post before this bird has to fly away. I’ll try to come back with some nice, heartwarming stories that’ll class the joint up a bit. In the meantime, yall just try to behave yourselves, OK?

But if you don’t, I want all the scoop and every juicy detail just as soon as I return!

Catch you on the flipside.

3 thoughts on “To Live Is To Fly

  1. Call me simple but my favorite out of that bunch is Buffett’s “He Went to Paris.” And I love Gary P. (he’s a great song writer), but I prefer Jerry Jeff’s cover of “London Homesick Blues.”

    Hope you’re having a lovely time across the pond. We’ll be looking for lots of pics upon your return.

  2. Ok,Ok…enough is enough get your cute butt home and quit goofin jump up and put together a blog that is hands down better than any other in the country. I mean the Underground and singlebarb and a couple of others are ok to fish with but….how can a guy dance with Chandler and hold his head up in the morning?
    Hope the vacation with mom and your daughter was the best…but the Tequila bottle runith over.

    Monty Montana

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