High Tea Instead of High on Tequila

tequila poster I have vague and blurry memories of Spring Break trips replete with tequila shots, cases upon cases of cheap beer, hours of beachfront debauchery, nineteen girls sharing a two-bedroom condo in Mexico, and a red rental jeep that we may or may not have abandoned on some sandy dunes in Cozumel.

Oh how the times have changed.

This evening I’m leaving on a much more ladylike Spring Break holiday with my mother and daughter. Instead of liquor and sunshine we’re going to soak up some culture. The kind that involves oil paintings and architecture, not a round of quarters and a bad resort cover band. (Although that sounds pretty fun too.)

tea partyThis is one of those rare trips that has absolutely nothing to do with fishing. I know…what are those like exactly? Well, I’ll have to let you know when I get back. I’ll be out of pocket until the 17th, so I’m certainly going to miss everyone here at Fly Fish Chick until then.

I’m terrible with postcards but I’ve compiled a random selection of youtube videos to keep you entertained while I’m away. If you can only stomach one, the Zeppelin interview is the best of the lot. Enjoy!

Cheers for now…

I’m going to be looking at the world through La Vie En Rose-Colored Glasses:


“It’s Cool, It’s Groovy It’s #1…The Led Zeppelin. The Led What?”  — These British journalists are hysterical numnuts. But I’m completely smitten with John Bonham in this clip. Can’t beat smoking hot rockstars smoking during a television interview. And if you make it to the very end of this clip apparently there’s some cause for concern for Anglers in Southeast England. I’m kinda curious to know what it is…


My heart still belongs to Frank but this dude actually did Comme D’habitude first:


Cul De Cunard in a Parisian park:


Weather dot com is pretty much confirming this forecast:


Mick puts the honky and the tonky in Hyde Park:


It’s a Texas tradition to sing this song your last night in London. Although this is without a doubt the least rowdy version I’ve ever seen:


I truly believe I can make French waiters and crusty guys at flyshops lighten up and be sweet. But I’m pretty sure they all make fun of me like this when I walk out the door:

7 Responses to “High Tea Instead of High on Tequila”
  1. Dash says:

    Great videos! You’ve been busy to find and post all those. That was funny – the guy asked the Led Zeppelin guys if they thought they’d be around eight years like the Beatles. Robert Plant is still making records 30-something years later.

    Hope you have a fun and safe trip. I’ll drink a tequila shot and a Shiner in your honor tonight at the Subdudes concert at Gruene Hall.

  2. dash — I’m so glad you found the humour in that video the way I did. watching it with 30+ yrs perspective is particularly hysterical. esp since they just did their big reunion concert

    have a ball at gruene hall — the weather looks like heaven for a nite of hill country honkytonk. can’t wait to catch up on the happenings of gruene when I’m back stateside…

  3. Jim@FFO says:

    Interesting videos. I liked the Zeppelin one particularly for the perspective it offers. Dunno the exact year. 70 maybe?, but those guys look like the children of sasquatch. Loved them and the Stones, but none of the Beatles ever died from their excesses. Doris Day appears to be the exact opposite to Amy Winehouse. Love both their styles too. Amy would have seen FDR’s statue and smoked a little glass pipe under it just prior to urination at it’s base ;-) Hippy chicks rule!
    I take it your heading oversease FFC? Don’t take any wooden Euro’s.

  4. Josh says:

    Nice videos, I particularly enjoyed the stones video. The video is fairly old. How old are they there? 14?

  5. great videos.
    hope you enjoyed your trip.
    i really like the layout of your website.

  6. thatch says:

    Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.

  7. Stephan says:

    Do you know where I can find another copy of that one in Hyde Park? Youtube took it down I guess…
    Webmaster, dewaltbatteries.org
    Dewalt Batteries

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