Fool Me Thrice

I find April Fool’s Day to be such a bore. It really exhausts me. Every year I instinctively ignore it, which of course makes me the perfect target for getting duped. I fell for pranks not once, not twice, but three times yesterday.

Bastards, all of them bastards.

(Actually they were all pretty funny.)

But the one gag I didn’t fall for actually made me laugh the hardest. The Trout Shop in Craig Montana posted this picture and announcement on their website yesterday:

Floating Gazebo – Call 800-337-8528 to reserve a spot on board.


We were going to build a Gazebo on the edge of the river at the Craig Boat Ramp so we had a place to hang out while we waited for our rental boats at night. We decided that we might just as well build the deck with floats on it  and then we can fish the Craig riffle as well. The Gazebo has a 15,000# capacity so we have room for all of our friends and a few kegs of beer.  The deck is 18ft x 18ft with 12 plastic  foam filled dock floats  that are 4ft x 4ft by 18 inch. high and the Gazebo  is a 10 ft. hexagon with a table and chairs  inside. We can even use it for ice fishing on Holter Lake!
Under the table is a trolling motor so we can take it out to  any of our favorite fishing holes. The trolling motor is remote controlled wireless so we can be fishing outside and operate the motor.  On the top of the table we have a Lowrance Fish-Finder with depth sounding sonars and temp gauge.
We have 2 electric winches with 40# anchors. We have also built in a  water pump so we can clean the fish right on the spot. Now we can relax and fish while we get paid to wait for our rental boats.

April Fools!

I love this. Of course nothing is more fun than the thought of super-serious anglers up-in-arms about how things are all going to hell.

Okay, kids, on that note I have to fly away again, so things might be quiet here for just a little while longer. I am off to the Bahamas to try and pretend I can see the same “bonefish puuffs” that our faithful guide Steve does…

Go Heels.

Catch you on the flip side.

2 Responses to “Fool Me Thrice”
  1. Scott says:

    Did you see the note on the Trout Shop’s website about releasing enough water from Holter Dam to flush the river? It looks like it might be an interesting year for fishing the Missouri. I just hope it doesn’t end up washing away any of our front yard!

  2. Julie says:

    Fly Fish Chick… I’m with you on being annoyed by April Fool’s. I fell for atleast 3 internet jokes this year and I guess it’s one more with the floating gazebo. I saw this picture on Digg (without the text) and I definitely thought it was real :)

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