12 thoughts on “Is That a Bonefish In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

  1. About damn time you got up…geez little ‘ole vacation to London with Mom and little chick and your out of commission for 10 days….where the spirit?, where’s that gut burniing passion? Echoing Tom’s comment…since I was not invited all that’s left to say,
    Honey can you bring me another beer?

    Monty Montana

  2. pete — careful what you wish for. am currently editing a slideshow I plan to share via tomorrow’s post. think there are more shots of KALIK than of bonefish. stay tuned…

  3. ha!! well, you know those hats are just so hard to find — practically collectors items. I happen to know someone who’s stockpiling a secret stash. if you’re very very nice to me I might just be able to steal one for you

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