Great Opportunity for Wisconsin — It’s Like a Karma Credit for Your Soul

I am the least politically-minded person you will ever know. In spite of the fact I actually worked for a public affairs consulting firm for three years, I make it a point to stay out of the political fray. It’s highly likely I will be the least informed American to vote in this year’s presidential election.

That said…

Every once in awhile, even a lazy, cynical, self-absorbed, former-spin-doctor like myself has to come down off the fence and get into the mix.

I’ll do it when fishing is involved.

Today, April 14th, every county in Wisconsin will hold unique Conservation Congress spring hearings. Show up at one of these hearing and cast your vote YES on Question 36 in order to protect the future of native trout in the Prairie River Valley.

So here’s the word, if you are in Wisconsin or surrounding areas, Vote YES on Question 36 TODAY April 14th.

  • YES on Question 36 protects quality fishing.
  • YES on Question 36 is good for the environment.
  • YES on Question 36 is the right thing to do.
  • YES on Question 36 will help you sleep at night better than Ambien.

YES on Question 36 makes up for some of the bad things you’ve done in this big bad world. I mean we’ve all got something in our past right? The people of Wisconsin have the chance to wipe it clean. Like a Carbon Credit, voting YES on Question 36 is like a Karma Credit for your Soul. Cast your vote before you cast your line.

For more information on this issue:

Vote Yes on Question 36

Conservation Congress Spring Hearings

4 Responses to “Great Opportunity for Wisconsin — It’s Like a Karma Credit for Your Soul”
  1. dmj says:

    Appreciate the info on conservaton issues. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of issues fishermen can get behind and we have to pick and choose. But, you can’t pick them if you don’t know them. Continue to make us aware of conservation issues.

  2. fishskicanoe says:

    Good Karma indeed! We won!!

    Question #36

    This Cheesehead offer his deepest thanks for the help.


  3. yee haw!!!

    CONGRATS!! that is great news for yall. and good news for all of us.

  4. The disguised time bomb in all of this is that as people struggle to reduce borrowings the resultant effect of all of this then emerges as excpenditure tightens up with little available cash being spent and more hoarded…and so on. The end result if Central Bankers don’t get it right is the complete break down of the financial cycle.

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