Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This

IMG_3109 Last spring I went bonefishing in Exuma Bahamas and we had a big big time. Lots of fish. Some pretty big fish. We had one day on the water that was just out of sight, one bonefish right after the next. Toward the end of this gluttonous day, each time someone caught another, our guide Steve would sing out, “Momma told me there’d be days like this!”

I spent about six months looking at the pictures from that trip, smiling and singing that song in my mind. Somewhere around November or December I actually downloaded it onto my ipod, stopped looking at last year’s pictures, and starting daydreaming about this year’s trip.

No question, last year was going to be tough to beat. Really tough. But hot damn! You know what…I think we did it.

I spent last week in Exuma with my parents and some really close family friends — we laughed for a solid week. And our good friend Bonefish Stevie is still like a heat-seeking missile when it comes to finding those bonefish.

Seven days of sunny skies, salty breezes, friendly tides…bonefish and Kalik.

Uh yeah, what Steve said.

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19 Responses to “Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    And a good time was had by all! Great pictures! Glad you’re back!!

  2. Ok,Ok,Ok…I stand here before you with stupid on my face. Here I was trying to give you a bad time about not keeping up with your duties …(keeping Chandler and the rest of us snowed in bums entertained) and you were actually working. I forgot you have obligations to your employer…..send me that bums email, I’ll set him straight (must be a man).
    Qusetion…do you ever not smile? great video, nice pictures and it is truly evident where ever you go you and all around have a ball.

    Monty Montana

  3. Jackson and I just watched the entire video, and at the end, Jackson said: ‘she really likes to fish doesn’t she!’ lol

    You can see your passion in everything you do. Beautiful, amazing fun!!

    ps. we liked the sharks!!

    and Jackson thinks you’re pretty! (me too)

  4. Parker S. Allie says:

    Sweet photo/video montage. Looked like an incredible trip!

  5. monty — I accept your heartfelt apology. yes, as you can see I was working very hard on this trip. what can I say, someone’s gotta do the heavylifting. and yes, I’m often smiling when fishing and laughing with fun family/friends — how can you not?! it was a good crew

    piper — sounds like jackson is a little charmer!

    I’m blue to be done with exuma but happy to be back with all of yall in the world of FFC and the Underground…

  6. Dash says:

    One word kept coming to mind as I watched that. Wow!!

    What a great trip. Your ability to convey the feeling is amazing. You have a real talent there.

    I’m glad you had a good time. Welcome home.

  7. Pete says:

    Nice to see you all weren’t underserved. I bookmarked Bonefish Stevie for future considerations.

  8. Turnip Truck Driver says:

    Well done !

  9. El Pescador says:

    nice montage ffc. lots of cool tools to bring pix to life out there. i will check out one true media.

  10. Joey says:

    hey, just saw this link on banning’s facebook wall. do i know you? i worked at the austin angler for 9 years in the 90′s. i’ll link you on my blog. here’s mine: you’ll see some texas posts in there also. joey.

  11. Next time fly fish in bikini… HAHAHA. I´m joking. Very cool all the pictures and seems you had a amazing time.

    Regards from Argentina

  12. tim romano says:

    fly fish chick,

    just found your site via a friend and wanted to see about reciprocal links and thought you might like to see our post today.

    have a great day,


  13. I found you through Singlebarbed and after this post I am now officially leaving him for you?

    What I want to know is whether the “STAY LEFT” sticker on the windshield actually works. It is inevitable that, as a world-renowned global humor travel writer, eventually I will have to learn to drive on the “wrong” side.

  14. That looks to have been a great trip. You put together a fantastic video with some really great music. i was very impressed. Great work.

  15. The was simply a fantastic video. You did a really impressive job putting it together. It made your trip look all that much better. You always seem to have a great time on your trips. But, seeing pictures put together like this makes it look that much the better. Great job.

  16. When you like I am a big Van Morrison fan and love to flyfish for bonefish, then you can only give this video-photo montage thumbs up.
    It seems as there are some big bonefish on Bahamas but also some small ones.
    I have just been to Los Roques in Venezuela for two weeks and here the bonefish normally are quite big (average 4-5 lbs.)but this time we actually got some smaller fish as well.
    I have made a report on my trip which might interest you, but after seing your montage I think that I next time will copy your concept – no will be inspired by you ;-)

  17. That was an astounding video. It makes me want to try bone fishing at Exuma Bahamas.Do you have any suggestions as to where to stay?

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