Caution: Objects in Life Are Closer Than They Appear

We went to Yellowstone a few years ago and Little Chick was determined to be the very first one to spot a buffalo. Armed with some fancy Zeiss binoculars she kept a keen watch…


A good reminder that sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you realize.

I love this picture and keep it in a frame on my desk because it makes me laugh out loud every single day. But despite the fact that I type away with my nose right under it for hours at a time, ironically, the lesson was recently lost on me.

sunshade mens About six weeks ago I was in a flyshop and saw the new Patagonia Sun Shade shirt. And I wanted it. Unfortunately they only had the men’s so I launched into the usual drill of looking for the women’s version online. It didn’t take long to find it at several online retailers.

I don’t know what weird hoodoo was at play with me and this damn shirt, but I literally ordered it three separate times from three separate online retailers. Each time they took my order and each time they came with some quirky problem. Sorry, it’s actually out of stock. Sorry we forgot to process your order, do you still want it. Sorry, we don’t actually carry it in that color.

Getting the damn Patagonia Sun Shade Shirt has become a bit of an obsession.

Yesterday I had some time to kill so I wandered down the way to Sportsman’s Finest. After all my online research and calling around, I walk right into my local flyshop and there’s the damn shirt. Why didn’t I just start there? They had plenty of sizes and colors to choose from. Mens and womens alike.

Sometimes what you want is closer than you realize.


To some degree this theme continued as day turned into evening and evening turned into a late night on the town. I went to a swanky artsy fundraiser last night but dashed from there to The Saxon Pub to see Seth Walker play. I needed a dose of blues music and a bit of boogie.

Now you may recall from my post on Springfest, Seth Walker was a highlight of the whole Florida weekend. You may also recall I get very shy around musicians.

So last night I sashay up to the Saxon Pub in my party clothes and lo and behold…there was Seth Walker hanging out on the sidewalk. Ooh la la! I acted like a bumbling fool but I did muster the nerve to fawn all over him and tell him all about traveling to Florida to see him play and how great he was.

tine seth

He could not have been kinder. But he did laugh and say, “You went all the way to Florida to hear me and you haven’t ever heard me play here?”

Yeah yeah, Seth. I know.

Sometimes what you need is closer than you realize.

10 Responses to “Caution: Objects in Life Are Closer Than They Appear”
  1. G_Smolt says:

    Hey does Kevin still work there at SF?

    If he does, tell him the guy in Alaska is still using his wingburners, and thanks a whole bunch.

  2. guido says:

    Ain’t that the truth. Can’t tell you how many times the same scenario has played out for me.

  3. amanda says:

    My first comment…… Love fly fish chick..knew her when she was just a fly chick….I think you and that musician make a fine pair. Do you think you could hook a date with him with some of your fancy lures? Those earrings were a good start!

  4. amanda says:

    Oh yes and Cougarfest 2008–do you think you can make down to New Orleans for the second weekend of Jazzfest? Only if you will be Honky Tonk Cougar or BassBoat Cougar…

  5. nice try darlin. I told you you’d have to pay good money if you wanted to advertise your Cougarfest on my blog. If I get any questions about this I am going to pass them on to you. But I’m going to charge you a click-thru fee

    you are a piece of work. wish I could be there!! can’t make jazzfest this year but hopefully new orleans sooner rather than later…

  6. Alabama flygirl says:

    FFC…love the Patagonia shirt. Haven’t come across those before, but I will be ordering one shortly!!

    You are lookin’ sassy in your party clothes!!

  7. thx alabama flygirl! tell me what you think about the patagonia shirt when you get yours. i haven’t worn mine yet but really like it. think the white one is in my future as well

  8. Shawn says:

    Wow, that dress is stunning!

  9. thanks a million shawn. just a little dittie I pulled from the archives. I called a fashion audible…

    words you probably don’t see much on a fishing blog

  10. Perry says:

    Nice post on your Springfest trip, a very good read.

    It’s nice to see some fellow fly anglers that share good taste in music like bluegrass/country,LOL. I’m heading to Stagecoach in Indio, California next week for 3 days of country and bluegrass music with the family. Last year’s festival was a blast and this year there are over 30 name groups performing. If I get any decent photos of any bluegrass groups or musicians, I’ll send them over to you. TC&TL,

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