Candy, Don’t Take It From a Total Stranger


Poor Candy. I bet a fly fisherman wrote that. A fisherman who’s still snowed-in somewhere and getting a little grumpy.

Good heavens what if her sign had read, “HELLO, NEIGHBORS! What’s the magic bug on this river?”

Or, “HELLO, NEIGHBORS! What’s your favorite fishing spot?”

And there’s always my personal favorite from the super chipper trountnuts, “HELLO, NEIGHBORS! Are we living the dream, or what?”

I particularly like how the grumpy respondent with bad handwriting took extra care to place a comma after FUCK YOU. After all, expletives and a bad mood are not an excuse to abandon proper grammar.

15 Responses to “Candy, Don’t Take It From a Total Stranger”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    oh my goodness…that is going to keep me laughing all day. Can’t you just see some crusty ol fisherman searching through his gear to find the pencil with half a lead in it just to write a note to Candy???

  2. Dash says:

    That’s classic. Probably written by the little girl whose cats went missing not long after the Chinese place opened.

  3. Fishnwithotis says:

    You have to give Candy an A for effort. Us Colorado anglers wear snowshoes to fish and prefer it to be snowing!

    Am friend of Amanda Talley aka Fromunda Talley! When is the best redfishing? Will have time in fall and want to come down, is this a good time?


  4. Kentucky Jim says:

    Maybe it’s the name of an obscure Chinese restaurant that the writer happens to feel is his or her favorite. Maybe???

  5. I believe I ate in that resturant once or twice…

    Monty Montana

  6. fun comments. esp like your positive attitude KY Jim! keep us all nice

    wait a minute, that’s no fun

    Fishnwithotis — what can I say? Any friend of Amanda’s is…well no doubt a heaping help of trouble. Kidding of course! I adore that girl. So glad you dropped by. Hope you can come catch some TX redfish. fall works b/c it’s usually blazing hot well into oct. I can link you up with countless people who know much more about it than I do. in meantime, good article if you haven’t already seen this:

  7. YOBAMA says:

    HEY, cut the guy a little slack. That IS the name of the restaurant. Can he help it if he’s a little rusty with the Chinese spelling ? Fuk Yoo is a very large franchise here in the west. I hear it mentioned all the time.

  8. guido says:

    That weren’t no fly fisherman wrote that! It were a GOLFER! Them’s the only ones I know that carry around little pencils for abusin’ notices. Then again, if I saw that sign in my ‘hood……

    I’m just sayin’.

  9. Shane says:

    The placement of the comma in the list area makes it appear as if it is Candy herself who signs off with Fuck you. Nice personal touch.


  10. Harry says:

    We have the same franchise here that Yobama mentioned. Although it must be a spin-off. Ours is Fuk Yoo Tou.

    And I would be remiss if I did not mention that you clean up real good in your party clothes! Not all us flyfishers can say that.

  11. hey thanks harry!

    but don’t underestimate the fashionable sensibility of a pair of waders. gortex can be oddly flattering and I hear olive green is the new black

  12. Perry Crosbie says:

    Har de har har….
    It just might be related to some of the “Phucket” Tai places we have on the “Left Coast” in the Land of Fruits & Nutz a.k.a. California. And yes, there are very, very few stray four legged animals in certain parts now…

  13. I found your blog on Google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Bacon News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  14. Melanie says:

    I don’t understand why the people that you gas station restrooms can’t seem to have grammar and spelling half as good as this guy.

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