Going Gruene

Back in February I ventured down to Gruene to fish the Guadalupe and play with friends. Clear water, cold beer, hungry fish, lots of laughs.

It was a pretty great way to spend a day…

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8 Responses to “Going Gruene”
  1. Banning says:

    Keep kickin’ ass and takin’ names!

  2. Talent…FFC, your blog is star bound.

    Monty Montana
    ……..headed to Chico on Sat, 3-3-08…”Cowboy Junkies” in concert and lots and lots for cold beer.Just bought tickets for Bonnie Raitt, like your love for Loretta…Miss Bonnie spins my head.

  3. Derik D says:

    One hell of a barrel knot there Mr. Beard. I wanna come.

  4. David says:

    Ok, u can be my guide on the Guad…u up for it? LOL.

  5. FlyOnTheWater (Greg) says:


    Hey I know that guy!

    You have talent on the keyboard, but now just as much with the video stuff. Great film!

    Bannings got my name……not sure on the ass kickin’ part…LOL! I am sure that will come though.

    I have to say my beer quantity was somewhat embarrassing when I invited him over for a Shiner at the back of my SUV over in Mason earlier this April. Looks like I need to stock up.

    By the way FFC, I bumped into Banning while the Fort Worth Fly Fisher’s where doing our thing out on the Llano in Mason this April. Yep he fished with us, ate Gordita’s with us and even drank with us. Good times and I look forward to when he comes up to Cowtown in October.

    MEAT without feet……

  6. texas sushi says:

    Wow great pics! I love fishing. I went not too long ago and caught one within the first 5 minutes and i was sooo happY! haha i wanna go fishing with you!! what is your favorite fish to eat?

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