Marc Broussard Gave Me The Bird

carenco This post doesn’t have a lick to do with fishing, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix nonetheless…

If you’ve been following along, you know I recently launched WWLD 08. Also known as my own personal What Would Loretta Do Live Music Tour of the Texas Hill Country.

Friday night I went to see Marc Broussard at Antone’s. Now if you’re out of the loop on this one, Marc Broussard is a New Orleans bayou rocker with talent to spare. To look at him he’s your average-looking white kid, but close your eyes and he’s an oldschool Stax-style soul singer with Delta demons clipping at his heels. He had the joint jumping Friday night.

Loved his new song Must Be the Water and he looks like he was having so much fun when he played Where You Are and other hits from the Carencro album. Truthfully he and his band looked like they were having a blast up there, and the mood was infectious. At one point he eased off one tune into something odd and familiar.

What was it? I listened a second longer. Really? Are you kidding me…For real? Is he playing…..

The Bird???? By Prince?

Oh, that’s right. You heard me… Wawk!! Hallelujah! Whoa-oa-oa-oa. Whoa-oa-oa-oa.

broussardIt’s been a long time since I’ve heard that one. I’ve never seen Antone’s so crowded and Marc Broussard had the whole hot sweaty crowd doing a-not-so-brand-new-dance. And it’s called The Bird. Just as he had the entire mob squawkin’ & rockin’ he launched back into his own tunes. It was classic.

His signature song, Home is the epitome of hard-driving swampwater-rocknroll with a splash of voodoo-funk. Go download it off his Carencro album — I dare you not to like it. We all waited, desperately wanting to hear it. Then again dreading the start of it, knowing full-well it would be his last song of the night.

He kicked into Led Zeppelin, “You need schoolin’, Baby I’m not foolin…” and the crowd went nuts. Then quickly switched to ACDC Back In Black. Got everyone more in a frenzy. And then took it on Home to finish the night. It was spectacular.


IMG_3287 Then on Saturday it was the first ever Lonestar Jam with two stages of Texas bands all day long. It was a nice little festival smack dab in the middle of Austin, I liked it. Easy to navigate. Mostly college kids and youngsters trying to gnaw off their Under 21 wristbands. Actually, someone did ask me if I went to UT, which completely made me laugh. And lest that go to my head… I promptly ran into two of the college girls who look after Little Chick, and they called kept calling me “ma’am.”

I really only wanted to see Cross Canadian Ragweed and happened to arrive just as they took the stage. They were sublime, rocked as always. I will admit I’ve been a little slower than usual to fall in love with their latest album Mission California. But I’m totally there now. Fun to hear I Believe and Cry Lonely and In Oklahoma.

All-in-all my live music weekend was everything I’d hoped for. I’m going to fly high on my moments with Marc Broussard and CCR just a tad longer, and then it’s time to switch gears. After all, it’s WWLD 08 and the beat goes on…




8 Responses to “Marc Broussard Gave Me The Bird”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    Oh wow…The Bird???? That is old school…high school music!! That brings back some memories. Morris Day showed up on the Grammys this year with some “new” R & B act and they broke into Jungle Love. Classic!
    My first experience with Marc Broussard was hearing Home on the radio one day and going into a frenzied search for it on Itunes when I got home. Found it…and saw his picture and thought there was no way that voice could come out of this skinny white boy…but it did.

  2. Rick the Red says:

    Love it, Tine. Morris Day and Time…ALL DAMN DAY.

    By the way, I must pay you thanks for giving me The Gap Band IV for my 7th birthday. It forever changed me and I have you to thank (read: blame).

    Saw this yesterday and it ties in to your theme off great artists singing great covers. It is worth watching all 9 minutes:

  3. LOL!! Rick The Red– glad to know I made such a profound impact on you with the GAP BAND. considering you were (and always will be!) my favorite little-brother-I-never-really-had, you’ve turned out alright despite my influences on you growing up

    a pretty good deal, really. I gave you the GAP BAND and you offered up that badass link to JR Brown. you know he’s playing here soon…

    (did I really give you the GAP BAND for your 7th birthday? that’s pretty funny)

    Alabama Flygirl — you nailed it. So much music comes out of Marc Broussard it’s crazy.

  4. Ed says:

    Wow…i’ve got a broussard cd somewhere that I haven’t listened to in forever…to be honest I wasn’t that impressed at the time, but if he can range from Price to ACDC it’s worth another listen…if I can find it.

  5. Jam Master D says:

    Ha ha! Great pics of CCR on Saturday…talented photographer, wot? Love the Beer sign, looks kinda familiar. Don’t be a stranger.

  6. wow,
    marc broussand sounds like an amazing artist.
    that is so cool how he switched like that,
    and got the crowd going.

    too bad i haven’t heard of him before.
    he should be extra big by now,
    with that kind of crowd control.

    great read.
    i’m definitely going to check out his music.

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