11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Willie

  1. I think I might have been at the July 4th Picnic in that first video. My memory is a little… um, hazy.

    Great lyrics. “Mule and the grasshopper eatin ice cream, mule got sick so they laid him on a beam.”

    Tell me they weren’t doing some good drugs when they wrote that line.

    Happy Birthday, Willie! You and Trigger looked like you were 75 back in 1978 and you still do. May you go another 75.

  2. Willie can sing you down the river. Rumor is Willie might be playing at the Red Lodge Rodeo this year, 4th of July. You could fish from Craig all the way to Red Lodge on prime trout water…and catch Willie at the end, or, just the beginning?

  3. It seems to me that lately your website has drifted toward the promotion of drinking alcohol,exploitation of women showing their breasts, and useage of foul language.
    Keep up the good work!
    Lane K
    Denton Texas

  4. Lane K — haha! fair enough. although, I think I’ve been pretty clear since the inception of this blog that I support both the drinking of alcohol and useage of foul language. my record on those two points is both well-documented and unwavering

    fishhead — I definitely need more info on Willie in Red Lodge. That sounds to die for!

  5. Thanks for the memories! When I 1st moved to Austin, Willie was @ AWH and a Townhouse was a cookie.

  6. tried to send the link to the red lodge web site.
    didn’t work.
    so here it is; Willie is coming to red lodge montana August 22. he has managed to make it to our fine state every summer for several years now.
    will be there:)

  7. Willie will play at the Red Lodge Rodeo grounds Aug. 22. It was in the local paper.Tickets go on sale in July I believe. Contacts:

    Rodeo Office – 406-446-2422
    Fax – 406-446-2724
    e-mail – rlrodeo@montana.net

    Would like to see him too but I will have used up all my vacation time chasing trout by then…

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