Life Is a Game of Inches

On any given day you’re going to have your ass handed to you on the river. Like yesterday. I gave those fish everything I had. I left my soul in that riverbed, to no avail. Finally I retreated to the banks to join the beer drinkers and languish in the early evening heat.

But we had one Warrior on our team who wouldn’t say die. He fished every inch of that river. He’d cast an inch farther to the left. But the fish would move over a few inches. So he’d cast a few inches over there. He’d alter his mend by a few inches, adjust his indicator up a few inches.

He fought and clawed and fished as fiercely as I’ve ever seen. And eventually, he pulled out the rainbow we’d all been looking for.

We celebrated all eighteen beautiful inches of it. Proof that the inches we need are everywhere around us.

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13 thoughts on “Life Is a Game of Inches

  1. They say humility is a good to experience and persistance is a good trait. However, combining the two is HORRIBLE to the soul!

  2. Them poor guides have a hard enough time; blazing temperatures, unwilling fish, anglers with the coordination of an epileptic seizure – or the reaction time of a mature pterodactyl, and we’re to add to their burden by deciding which we want to cozy up with?

    They’ll get wise and start showering every other day.

  3. stop …please, I haven’t gotten off the floor (laughing)for two days and I have work to do.

    Montana…last spring, 2 female (first timers) in shop trying to decide which guide to hire….I’m standing head down picking up a couple of flies (local patrens) and over hear the conversation…1st lady, “the tall one has more experience”,,,,2nd lady (both in their 30′s) “ya, but the shorter one is my choice if I don’t like fishing and want to seduce one just so the day is not a total waste of time”

    Oh and KBarton10….your choice of terminology, Them poor guides have a hard enough time….just made my ribs split.

    Monty Montana

  4. Your first paragraph perfectly describes my day on the river yesterday. “Ass handed to you on the river”….yes….”retreated to the banks to join the beer drinkers”….yes!! All in all a good day with good friends. That’s never a bad thing!

  5. I’m going to be fishing the Guadalupe River later this month, can you give me any advice as to where to go? We’ll be camping in the GRSP for 2 nights, should we concentrate on the warmwater species above the dam or is the trout fishing below the dam any good right now? Any info you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

  6. There’s still fish hanging in the waters below the dam taking small midges and caddis. Throwing a bugger is always an option. Access is tough on the lower section and the tubers are there during the weekends. Try Rio Raft and head upstream and down. There’s a good amount of water at the State Park to access – try crawfish imitations. Try trout/bass below the dam and bass above. One for each day.

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