Almost As Much Freedom As The Birthday Suit

Move over Simms. Look out Cloudveil. Who needs waders when you’ve got the Cricketeer?


Granted the ad doesn’t say anything about its wicking potential, but hey, this suit stretches, twists, bends and is wrinkle-resistant. Seems like perfect river attire for The Gentleman Angler.

So if The Cricketeer does anything you can, what will you do in your Cricketeer?

16 Responses to “Almost As Much Freedom As The Birthday Suit”
  1. shannon says:

    I’m not saying what I do in my Cricketeer. OK, let’s just say nothing comes between me and my Cricketeers.

  2. Ed says:

    Well, at least they were kind enough to utilize proper hand- and tie-placement.

  3. kbarton10 says:

    I’d wear mine in an airplane crash – at least they’d find my wallet. The FAA official could then make solemn while explaining the hideous disjointed pose they found me in…

  4. Hey, how about a little viewer’s warning when you post photos like this?! I caught the link from TU, reading “birthday suit” and immediately thought maybe you’ve got some photos of a wild, drunken,(but I repeat myself) fishing trip. Instead, I just did that little vomit into my mouth thing and now have to go brush my teeth.
    You owe me.

    – Dave

  5. Kentucky Jim says:

    “That little vomit in my mouth thing…”? What is with the hands, anyway, and what does this have to do with fishing? Is he holding a trouser trout?

  6. Guido says:

    That’s just not right!

  7. WT says:

    “T’aint your daddy’s suit.”
    Only now are we beginning to see the real Fly Fish Chick.

  8. Alabama flygirl says:

    hehehe…trouser trout!!! Kentucky Jim, I will give you credit when I use that term next…..

  9. ha, I didn’t realize this picture would generate so much reaction…disgust…vomit. I guess the pose is pretty bad. but your comments are hysterical!!

    I wish I could share the comments I am receiving via email from friends & family — who are pretty much distancing themselves from me more & more as I edit myself less & less on this site

  10. Dash says:

    Heh, I’d be surprised if that guy ever leaves the house.

  11. Lane K says:

    I don’t get it

  12. Got the teeth brushed and my breath smelling like beer again and have braced myself against that view. But I just wanted to point out that photo may have been more appropriately placed under the previous post’s title.

  13. well now that is just pure comedy.

  14. Melissa Q says:

    hahaha. I just read the post about every ones disgust of the cricketeer. I had no idea what the hell that was, so of course I had to go back and see what all the hoopla was about, and to my surprise…lo and behold.. there was a strangely happy to be twisted contortionist in a cheap looking suit holding his hands in a very peculiar spot, oh and btw I think I’m happy he so cleverly placed his hands there. And thats when it all hit me. I’m gonna have to agree, with your dad on this one. This was just uncalled for. BUT, it was SUPER FUNNY after reading your post about it. Love your blog & Good to be back. Catching up with my Fellow Texan is always a treat.

  15. funny photo,the guy looks like a spider LOL
    keep up your good work.

  16. Ridiculous guy above look like a bump bug.
    This is a caucasian yoga ROFL As I know before that only indian’s are best in this field.
    But I prefer meditation books rather than this streching ones.

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