May Is The New December

If you have school-aged children you know what I mean. The centrifugal force that is hurling us all toward the end of the school year brings about enough activities and chaos to rival the holiday season. Spanish skits, zoo field trips, recitals, computer lab open house, last minute playdates, track and field day, ordering the summer camp trunk and ironing labels in all the camp clothes.

I’m in it big time.

Which means fishing is on the back burner for me for the time being. So I have to live vicariously through emails and phone calls of friends and family in Montana. To synthesize these multiple reports for you…well it’s pretty simple…





Three weeks from today. This bird flies west in three little ole weeks. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

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  1. Harry says:

    Living vicariously kinda sucks though versus the real thing doesn’t it.
    BUT, I also am headed west-off to Alaska June 6th for a week so maybe I will survive until then.

  2. the real thing would be better for sure, but seeing those pics is awfully nice.

    and we’re all going to want to hear the scoop on that alaksa trip too!

  3. Guido says:

    I too am waiting to take off in approx 3 weeks (June 13th) for a ten day trip to Oregon and find myself counting the minutes till departure. We plan to hit 7 different rivers that I’ve been waiting years to get to. Think Metolius, Williamson, Wood and others! Oh be still my heart!

  4. Mysticfish says:

    The Missouri is on fire, but I am busy packing for Alaska. My fun fishing is about over and it is time to work. Hope you all have great summer trips.

  5. Being in the real-estate business, this is shaping up to be the “year of trying not to go belly-up”. I’m in it with the Pacific Salmon. As such, I’ll be relegated to staying home and fishing the Upper Sac all year – not at all a bad way to go. Thing is, there may be some catch-and-keep, subsistence kinda fishing this year…

  6. HScott says:

    It sounds like you will be there just following the big “flush” below Holter Dam. Have you discussed it with any of the locals? Are they for or against it? It will be interesting to hear how your trip goes.

  7. Alabama flygirl says:

    Montana, Alaska…I am officially jealous! All we have planned so far is a “close” trip. Mid June we are headed up to Tennessee to float the Caney Fork and fish the Elk….and see friends in Nashville and drink beer!!

  8. ijsouth says:

    I can’t wait for my kids to get out of school…and it’s precisely because of all the nonsense you have to go through, particularly at the end. You just want things to slow down….we’re out to the mountains after next week.

  9. Turnip Truck Driver says:

    Following the shade around the house is getting tiresome so……

    I will be departing the land of blue suede shoes in the Turnip Truck for feather flinging stops at the North Platte, Green, South Fork Snake,
    Silver Creek, Big Wood, Henrys Fork, Madison, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Missouri, Yellowstone and Big Horn.

    Soon, we will hear……..”the Turnip Truck Driver has left the building.”

  10. Anthony says:

    Turnip – As you are heading north in the rocky mountains, make sure you swing down into Colorado for the Colorado, Roaring Fork, Frying Pan, South Platte, and Taylor. Epic hatches in August. Bring your big bugs.

  11. Turnip Truck Driver says:


    Great recommendations…………..did’em last summer.

  12. Brandon says:

    So, I was searching the web today for some information on the Henry’s Fork for a study our foundation is doing on the river the opening two weeks this year and your blog came up. Quite a fascinating read of fishing mixed with life’s deep thoughts.

    I caught a glimpse of a NC Tarheel hat you had in one of your pics, fellow Tar Heel here. Does not sound like from your bio you went there, but I like it none the less:-)

    I tried looking for a way to contact you, but this seems like the only way. I added your link to my blog on our site ( feel free to link back if you feel compelled.

    I’ll be out west in two weeks fishing the Henry’s Fork and probably head up to Montana for a day or two and add some Jackson Hole fishing to the mix. Maybe I will see you on one of the rivers.

    Also please drop me an email, I have another question for you, but I think this “comment” is growing a little long to keep on going.

    Good Fishing

  13. Turnip Truck Driver says:


    Since you know Craig so well, could you tell me how to find the Walmart Super Center, and oh, the J Jill store too, so I can get a gift for the wife, at home…………………..okay then, which is the best bar in the area?

  14. Hey chick…only 2 weeks to go…started packin yet? One
    more thing before you go…have you checked out this… Willies new band….you will love it.
    Texas Garage Band……….

    Monty Montana

  15. monty mt — good stuff titty bingo. love the bumper stickers…might need one for the boat

    and yes, I actually have started getting organized to flutter west. now if you could just try and calm those rivers down for me before I get there?

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