Tunes, Toobs & Trout

Okay, so we only saw two out of three on the river over Memorial Day. It was a straight-up, knock-it-back, hill country honkytonk holiday weekend. The trout were likely hunkered down low, shuddering in fear and mocking us all as we devolved into my favorite variety of the human species, The Hillbillius Redneckus.

Joke is on those snooty trout because it was a hell of a good time.

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19 Responses to “Tunes, Toobs & Trout”
  1. Kentucky Jim says:

    Yep. Looks like a good time to me – a watered down version of a Grateful Dead concert; now, there was a good time! Anyway, how do y’all find the time to fish? Geeeez-us!

  2. When can we expect to see ads for the Fly Fish Chick Hill Country Party-time Getaway Vacations?

    I avoided suggesting the term “Bed & Breakfast” to avoid attracting the “wrong crowd.”

    Hell, we are having a grand ol’ time just listening to the fun and see the constant broad smiles (sorry for the unfortunate pun).

    An actual trip–with actual fishing, or not–would be worth good cash money.

  3. Savannah says:

    mmmmmmmm ragweed

  4. Meetw/oFeet says:

    That’s a well done weekend!

  5. Pete says:

    If I were a trout, and I saw certain depicted thong situations, I might hunker down low in fear, too.

  6. hey, it’s an ass crack — oops!! — I mean class act scene down here on the Guadalupe River

  7. Glista says:

    Armadillos are cool!

  8. FlyOnTheWater (Greg) says:

    “straight-up, knock-it-back, hill country honkytonk” Sure miss my 20 years spent living in South Central TX.

    I hear of this new Whitewater Sports Live Music Amphitheater off of HWY 306 just yesterday and now this blog. I remember getting my tubes from these guys at one time. And of course catching a few trout way back when at their site when it was to cold for the tubing thing. So they built an Amphitheater here now? I was just down fishing and staying at Rio this past January and I didn’t even notice such a Amphitheater over at Whitewater.

    I hear there’s a Whitewater Concert Series this summer there. And the line up I am reading looks like some good stuff, no doubt. Is this a good music venue? I am up in Cowtown and wonder if it’s time for a road trip….LOL! Let me know your take on this music venue.


  9. greg — amphitheatre opened last summer and has booked some pretty big acts for summer08. here’s their site:

    glista — on my 6th grade soccer team we were The Armadillos. oh, we struck fear in all the other 12 year old girls in our chamber league. fear….

  10. Dash says:

    Didn’t look like any Blues for You. Glad to see you had a good one.

  11. Alabama flygirl says:

    Good times!! Wow…seeing those “certain depicted thong situations” made my eyes hurt! (kinda like looking at the sun)
    I thought you had flown the coop early and headed to Montana!!

  12. oh I’ve flown the coop allright!

    but still grounded right here in texas…for now

  13. Parker says:

    Sweet video…Enjoyed the end since I nearly had forgotten the lyrics from the song since I last heard it 14.5 times in a row in Ovando!

    The tarpon and snook weren’t hiding in Naples over the weekend…We were on’em like mad!

  14. Cool video thanks for sharing. I noticed you were wearing a UNC Tarheels hat in one of your pics?? Are you a heel living in TX??

  15. parker — congrats on the tarpon!!! great pix. can’t wait to see the rest and then torture you by playing ragweed in a loop out in MT. carney man anyone?

    scott nc — you got it. I’m a tarheel. but somehow they let me slip away back to texas

  16. Harry says:

    Wow! You had a great weekend. Good music, good food, good friends, cold beer. Not only that, butt tubing too!

    Ky Jim posed a good question. When do you find time to fish? (or dare I ask-work!)

    Have a great time in Montana!!

  17. Jimmy says:

    Hey Flyfish Chick-everybody loves pictures! Great job-looks like you had a blast. Did you really eat that “death dog”? Keep the humor coming!!

  18. harry — yes, it was a good weekend, butt to be clear the butt in butt tubing picture was butt a stranger to us all. our group did maintain some standards of decorum after all

    jimmy — oh it was a blast allright! and yes I did eat that deathdog, which was in fact a lifesaver. without that well-timed honkytonk meal all that lone star would have gone straight to my head. and some barfly on the prowl could have taken advantage of my good graces!

    I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone who attends ‘Chicken Shit Bingo’ at Ginny’s Little Longhorn is as pure of heart as I…

  19. Anthony says:

    Hey babie – looks like Memorial weekend was entertaining for you. Was hoping you would have sported the tube top and thong in your music video. At least give us an update on the frog legs and cold beers… Tasted like chicken


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