Reef Donkeys and Meat Fishing

Last night I was so cavalier, dare I say even a bit cocky. I falsely thought I was prepared to leave town tomorrow for seven days. Today is a much different story. I am crazed trying to get some last minute packing done, so I barely have a moment to spare, much less the brainpower to string two sentences together. Thank heavens faithful friends and readers were out fishing this weekend and sent me their pictures. Two saltwater adventures — both of which look like a hell of a good time. Enjoy.


Friends in North Carolina who go by the online handles of Natural Fly and Fat Tire were tearing it up off the coast of North Carolina last weekend. They ventured to a wreck just about 10 miles from the beach and met up with a whole mess of Amber Jacks. Although given these hysterical pictures I think it best to refer to these brawny fish by their ‘street’ name, Reef Donkeys. What do you think? I think I am dying to go fishing with these hotshot ne’er-do-wells.



eye of the donkey

donkey mouth fly


full frontal



blond wig

Rumour has it their compadre Nacho Momma & crew were up in Virginia chasing cobia.


Meanwhile just off the coast of Alabama, one of my most serious flyfishing mentors — who is way too serious an angler to have an online handle — was meatfishing for his supper.

Although early reports from the skillet reveal that frying fish on the grill doesn’t get the grease quite hot enough. I don’t know, still looks pretty tasty…




These trips look just like the sort of good time that I should have been a part of — I mean, what the hell, boys? I have a blonde wig. I can work a skillet.

Okay, so only one of those statements is true. But we’ll talk more about that later. I just remembered one more thing I have to pack.


30 thoughts on “Reef Donkeys and Meat Fishing

  1. FFC…I hope you have a fan-freakin-tastic trip to MT. Catch lots of fish, drink lots of cold beers and take lots of photos. We are headed to float the Caney Fork this week!! WOO HOO
    Have fun!

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  3. “This unique familly board game will give you the sensation of real fishing while learning…”

    Dude, I don’t even have to go search for your product, I can read that line and know that I would rather gouge my eye balls out with a melon baller than play that dumb shit.
    L8, Harry

  4. You guys are so lucky out there.
    All we have over here is mackeral and a few cod those that the Spanish havent already taken.Went fishing in Mexico a few years back and it was brilliant 2 days out of 14 wish it could have been more but wife and kids wouldnt play ball.
    Great pictures keep it up

  5. Just looking at those fish makes me jealous, can’t say ive caught more than a minnow in the past few years. Youve inspired me to dig the rods out of the garage and head to the beach. Hopefully theres somehting still alive off the pier, the water quality is getting worse and worse by the day here.

  6. It looks as if everyone is having fantastic fun. I wish i had more time to be out there myself. but, just don’t seem to be able to find the time anymore. looking at these pictures makes me very envious. it looks like a lot of fun.


  7. It’s all about having fun. And it looks like these guys know how to have it. Some people tend to take themselves too seriously. Not, saying that there are not serious times. Just saying you have to know when to have a good time and let your hair down. it looks like they had a fun fishing trip.

  8. Those are some amazing photos. I am so jealous. Makes me hungry looking at the fish frying in the pan. I haven’t had the chance to go saltwater fishing myself, as I am landlocked. I sure do enjoy the freshwater fishing I get to do.

  9. Nice fish you caught and great photo’s. I’ve never caught big fish before in my life, but I’m an amateur compared to you guys. I’m still in the learning phase :) By the way the fish in the pan looks delicious!

  10. Can I use the photo of the guy with the viking horns in my blog? It’s for a story: G-rated, fishing story. You’ll like it; check my blog.


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