Back To The River

Sorry for the radio silence here on FFC. I was home in Austin for one little ole week, and I was in 100% mommy-mode.

Little Chick is officialy at sleepaway camp for the first time ever…..ah!! (No tears, no tears.)

So now I am back in Montana where the rivers are high and my internet connection is slow. Bear with me while I juggle fishing and hand-cranking this computer to locate the world wide web.

I’m headed back to the river with my mother today so I’d better dash away for now and get ready. I will send a more colorful report when I figure out how to load pictures on this computer. Ciao for now….


4 Responses to “Back To The River”
  1. Ok…here the deal….taunting and teasing us with brillant photos of your cute pony tail, dark glasses and gorgeous smile will last just so long.You have an obligation that you have been sherking for far to long, more of the written brain teasing dialog please, these fishing trips are getting in the way of your professional responsibilities………you can not make it on looks alone (Hehehahahehehaheheha).
    Glad to see someone is getting to fish….work is for those who DO NOT like to fish.

    Monty Montana …Oh and by the way “Little Chick”, says mommy who? ….. they seem to forget about home as soon as they get to camp…she having fun sooooo you have some as well, but don’t forget to write some of us are blind and need to hear what you have to say.

  2. Kentucky Jim says:

    My daughter is a bit older than Lil’ Chick. Almost eighteen right now. Saturday, she gets on a plane for Europe for twelve days. That’s why Dad isn’t going to Montana for the FFF conclave in late July. Dad has never been to Europe (have been to southeast Asia, though, thanks to Uncle Sam). You think I’m jealous? Nope…just pissed about the bad grade in pre-calculus, and the subsequent decision to bail out of Physics next year. Here’s the keys to your double-wide, Darlin; now don’t ask me for anything else.

  3. monty mt — fair enough. let me spend a little more time on the water and I promise will come back with stories to tell

    ky jim — sorry you won’t be in mt this summer but I’m so happy for your daughter’s trip to europe! what an adventure. can’t imagine little chick heading off to another continent….someday. right now summer camp is about all the separation I can handle. although I am muddling through best I can….fishing.

  4. Stacie says:

    Hey!! You’re in the neighborhood. See you at Joe’s this weekend sometime I’m sure. We are thinking of fishin’ the Sun this weekend in the secret spot. And catching the Augusta rodeo. Yeehaw.

    Enjoy the river! When you’re passing by the Dome on the Range of an evening or weekend, wave hello or stop by for a Kokanee. If the banged up Sub is there, I’m home.

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