Who Needs A Pot of Gold?

I’ll just take the rainbow.


26 Responses to “Who Needs A Pot of Gold?”
  1. Harry says:

    Yeah-but a pot of gold would allow me to be there instead of here! (providing it’s a big enough pot)

  2. Wow, who caught that fish mid-jump like that? That’s some skill!

  3. Now were have’n fuuuuunnnn. Would have loved to see the smile on your face when that beauty hit.

    Monty Montana

  4. Wook says:

    Snatched right in mid-leap over the moon.

  5. Jim says:

    Looks like gold to me!

  6. Graham says:

    Hey :) Just thought I’d pop by and say hello and send ya some warm wishes!!!

    Great photograph!!! That looks really tastey!!!

    Kindest regards and have a great week ~ Graham :)

  7. Ok, enough is enough…I want a divorce.I don’t mind a gal going out with friends and leaving me home to care for the curtain climbers and the mutts once in a while but 8 days and not a word.No phone calls to let your loved ones know your drift boat didn’t sink, no emails to prove you still care,what are the neighbors going to think…here they were yesterday all out in their driveways, laughing, drinking, eating and serving scrumptious Barbque to all the family and (we) your loyal devoted fans and loved ones who have supported you and in some cases taught you your scandlous ways,are left sitting by the computer with baited breath waiting for any communication, all for not. (Sigh)

    I’m currently looking in the south eastern part of Pennsylvania for a sweet motherly type Amish girl who will gladly seperate all my flies and straighten my leaders while the patches she as applied to my leaking waders dry.

    I hope you enjoyed yourself for you have truly ruined a good thing…what ever it may have been.

    Hope you had a great 4th

    Monty Montana

  8. Alabama flygirl says:

    Kinda reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit “More Cowbell”…..


  9. yall are awesome

    sorry so quiet. have been wandering around montana looking for fish –and finding a fair number of them….just gathering material boys & girls, gathering material

    truthfully? I’ve been having the time of my life!! many pictures and stories to share…stay tuned

    but I have been out & about for about 8 or 9 days and am fishing the missouri for the next two days before dashing back to tejas. promise to share news from the river just as soon as I can

    cheers all….FFC

  10. Kentucky Jim says:

    Well, ok. I’m of the same mind as Monty Montana. Really, I think he hacked into my computer and stole my post in draft form. Whassa matter? Did you fall in?

    I take small consolation from the fact that while you have been having all that fun in Montana with other fishing people, some of whom call me friend, I was reduced to floating the lowly Kern River, not far removed from the desert wasteland otherwise known as SoCal: http://www.kernriverflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1215056797 No fish here, so you needn’t come by.

    It’s over between us, Darlin’.

  11. Kentucky Jim says:

    But see Buster Wants to Fish.

  12. Sounds like near mutiny, chick.
    Could just be the heat. You may as well just keep fishing for a while to give your minions a chance to cool off.

  13. Harry says:

    Hey Chick! On a totally non-related subject note I thought I would pass along a tidbit about one of your favorite bands. Cross Canadian Ragweed has hit the literary bigtime. In John Sandfords new novel-Dark of the Moon-released in late 2007, your favorite band gets a mention on the very first page.

    Looking forward to pics and stories about your Montana adventures. Unfortunately, the fishing portion of our Alaska trip turned out to be mostly (make that totally) unproductive,BUT the scenery was spectacular!

  14. Launcher says:

    I hope we get another appollogy pretty soon.

  15. Wook says:

    Yeah me too. Apologies all around! And we want cupcakes!

  16. SF Boater says:

    I run a blog on boating and fishing in California… I am launching what is going to be a regular contest series with the winner getting a $50 Amazon gift card… I thought you might be interested…


    Also let me know if you are interested in a blogroll link exchange…

    Tight lines,

    Kevin @ SFBoater.com

  17. Wook says:

    I don’t think she’s listening to us. Do we need to get unruly? Maybe we should start demanding free swag. FFC keychains and shirts and beer koozies! Angry mob at the gates!

  18. Alabama flygirl says:

    The natives are restless!! This little vacation could end up costing you…I mean, they’re talking cupcakes, FFC Swag etc. Come back soon….it’s gettin’ ugly!

  19. Hooper says:

    I reckon’ she ran off.

  20. Wook says:

    She can’t hide from us.

  21. Harry says:

    Maybe she got abducted by aliens-or even worse-ran off with some hunky river guide!

  22. Wook says:

    Well I’m just gonna sit here and wait and throw my empties around and generally bring down the property values. See if she does this again.

  23. Herb says:

    That’s a nice fish….I miss fishing already…

  24. I would take the rainbow any day as well. Great picture. I have got to get out more often. i have to agree with Harry though…a pot of gold would allow me to go fishing more, instead of reading about it on the internet.

  25. That is a great looking fish. I don’t care what anyone says I would take it any day over a pot of gold. At least I would be outdoors and fishing. If I had the pot of gold I would be behind a desk managing it. And that is not a whole lot of fun. I woould rather fish any day than be stuck behind a desk.

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