Take It To The Bank

And when I say ‘bank’ I mean inches off the bank. Subtle rises in super skinny glassy water. Dry flies and big skies. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but this day on the river was absolutely priceless.

41 Responses to “Take It To The Bank”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    Nice fishies FFC!

    This new report with pretty pictures should keep your unruly mob happy for a brief period!!

  2. HScott says:

    I believe I recognize that stretch of river and am very jealous. The Trout Shop has been saying the fishing is great and I won’t be able to get out there until some time in September. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through your posts. Keep ‘em coming!

  3. Wook says:

    The mob is murmuring and appears to be settling in for a stay. I think someone ordered a pizza.

    Way to go FFC!

  4. I’m still upset…but with these photos, I grant a small reprieve……but I stll want the cupcakes.

    Great photos, beautiful fish….and again from a 60 yr. old featherflinging old man….what a beautiful smile.
    Have fun, enjoy the family, stay save and thanks for the update.

    Monty Montana

  5. jeeze…see what I mean that smile got me again…safe not save……hey, where is spellcheck anyway?


  6. Dash says:

    Wow! Looking good! (The fish ain’t too bad, either.)

  7. Harry says:

    No wonder you don’t want to come home! Keep catching them like that & you won’t stop smiling for months!

    I’m still jealous, but you keep on having a great time.

  8. Brandon says:

    Nice fish!


  9. Tom Sorenson says:

    Some very nice fish, there. We just got back from floating the Snake River in Idaho – fish weren’t as big there, but man, did we have fun! Wish I was there!

  10. Brett says:

    Man, that reminds me of fond days on the East Walker, in the mid 90′s! Beautiful fish, scenery, the whole “enchilada”. Well, we have been toughing it out here, trying to have fun. Check out this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fu-lUT4_-U
    Lots of fun on Lake Travis.

  11. Kentucky Jim says:

    Alright…maybe I’ll hang around for some pizza. What’s up with no red dots on the browns?

  12. Looks like a tough life there!

  13. Wook says:

    I think they only put the red dots on the browns that are on sale. Those are the high-end designer browns right there (if you hafta ask, you can’t catch em).

  14. Anthony says:

    FFC – Well your Texan blood may be changing to Montana Blue skies, cool mornings, and beautiful trout as the day is long.

    hope all is well.


  15. Hot Damn I just figured this thing out….Burlesque….
    it’s all in the teasing, the smile, fake fish to drool over,romance of the travel and far away destinations.
    FFC is probably holed up in New York working on some stupid magizine add that has nothing to do with fishing…hopefully it’s a cooking rag and she is getting some hints on “cupcake recipes”.

    Monty Montana

  16. Wook says:

    Then where’s the lowbrow parody and slapstick antics?

    Oh wait that’s us.

    Carry on.

  17. where’s my damn cupcakes?
    Geeze maneeze loueze….beg, ok I,(we),are begging….put down the long neck and write home…let us know. If it our deordant we can fix this …just let mom and dad know your all right.

    Hey wait….mom and dad are at the root of all this evil,next cabin they get better have HIGHSPEED connections.

    Monty Montana

  18. Launcher says:

    I’m starting to worry :-(

  19. Alabama flygirl says:

    Unless she has decided to home school Little Chick…she has to come back soon guys!!

  20. hooper says:

    I’m trying to be patient. Although I would not know myself, I would suspect that returning from such an extended trip would take it’s toll both emotionally and psychologically. I figure she’s in some type of “adjust” period. Poor Chick.

  21. harry says:

    I’m sure she has a good excuse for her lack of communication. Like- I was busy doing reseach for my new book! “A Summer in the Life of a Trout Bum”

    Sounds good anyway.

  22. Wook says:

    We could make up a story. Maybe she’ll return just before it goes horribly wrong.

    Once there was a happy smiley Fly Fish Chick who wanted to have an adventure. So she beat up Timmy Smithers and took his bike and began furiously pedaling to Dogpatch Montana with her fancy fishin pole. Along the way she met…

  23. Alabama flygirl says:

    Along the way she met Bigfoot who was so entranced by happy smiley Fly Fish chick and her shiny, fancy fishin pole that she could not ditch him. So with Bigfoot in tow, FFC….

  24. harry says:

    FFC got back on her stolen(oops-I meant borrowed) bicyle and continued pedaling towards Dogpatch Montana. Just as she got to the stateline and her destination was within sight she…..

  25. Aah come on folks …not all flyfishing folks lack common sence…just the ones in Orvis catalogs….only acceptable, resonable conclusion I will accept….The LADY has found a new “dance” partner.

    This individul better be the second comming of christ and wealthy beyond our collective means or this chick is in for a serious horse laugh when she surfaces.

    But I’m not cutting any slack on my demad …WHERE IS MY DAMN CUPCAKES?

    Monty Montana

  26. Kentucky Jim says:

    …who resembled a trout. His only noticeable dance was on his tail while holding his breath. Not the kind of ballroom (well, or honky tonk) thing you think about when you think about a new dance partner. He seduced her into swiming naked with him in the river in some sort of a strange, reverse mermaid thing; she hasn’t been heard from since. You can’t really call it “spawning”, but whatever it is, she is completely pre-occupied and obviously, has given up the idea of making money from a fly fishing blog.

    Uh…sorry, Monty. I believe it’s WHERE ARE MY DAMN CUPCAKES?

  27. Jim…I would stand corrected but, do to lack of attentiona from (FFC) and sugar I can’t stand…

    But acknowledge you (is) correct.

    Monty Montana

  28. Harry says:

    Ok-I think it may be time to start worrying.

    She sure is going to have some splaining to do, but Monty just may be right.

  29. Anthony says:

    Fellas – what has our brunette bombshell fallen into??? We may want to consider sending out the local authorities. We want our damn cupcakes is right Monty. Did you happen to let a bear loose in Montana that has held her captive?

    C’mon chick – give us some prose to baner with soon. We miss you and your crafty wit.

  30. Matt says:

    Great blog, fly fishing chick! Your photos and writing are both superb. Feel free to check out my own fly fishing blog (of the Eastern United States variety) at http://theslipperytrout.blogspot.com/. I’d love to link to your blog on mine and vice versa if you’d like. Take care!

  31. hooper says:

    I reckon’ the lady’s done run off!

  32. AH Shit I’m having a real bad day…not onlyhas the FFC been gone more than a month, but now I read Stampede Brewing Co has hired Jessica (I can screw this up too) Simpson has ther spokesperson Dallas.

    Please come home and run this bimbo back to tinsel town….you owe it to your fellow Honky Tonk feather flinging friends….


    hell I’m going fishing, she ain’t commin home ever.

  33. Launcher says:

    My “glass half full” is becoming a “glass half empty.”

    Cupcakes, I can survive without.

  34. Shannon says:

    “Nobody said it was easy. No no one ever said it would be so hard …” – Coldplay -

  35. Fly Gear says:

    Georgeous Brown!

  36. Ninjai Gang says:

    I was just browsing through and saw your site. And I just have to say I truly enjoy the beautiful pictures you have here.Keep uploading more pictures.

  37. Frank says:

    These are some great pics FFC, especially the last one, upclose and clear

  38. Some really great pictures. In this case you are exactly right. Pictures are worth a thousand words. That is a beautiful area you were fishing in. In Florida there really are not very many open area like that. And even fewer that you can do any fishing at.

  39. looks like a fantastic catch. i am guessing you are sting the fish were thick right up to the shore. That had to be a thrill to see them at arms length, ready. really fantastic pictures.

  40. horoskop says:

    Wow!!!Looking good! The fish and you:)))))

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