No Need To Pinch Me

P6280048 I’ve just awakened from the most incredible dream. I dreamt I spent the entire summer floating down beautiful rivers, laughing with friends, staying up late to watch movies with my daughter, eating cheeseburgers and cupcakes every day…and catching lots and lots of fish. No, there’s no need to pinch me. It was too good to be true, I know it had to be a dream.

I am finally back in Austin and as I wipe the sleep from my eyes, the sights of my house (and my reality) are slowly coming into focus. Piles of mail and laundry are lined against the wall, jockeying for my attention. Emails are stacked up in my inbox impatiently tapping their toe. Light bulbs that were charged with feigning activity in the house have long since abandoned their duty and quietly flamed out. 

The alarm sounded this morning and we clicked into a familiar old routine. That’s right, Little Chick started back to school, and it felt great to be back. Seeing friends and swapping stories from the summer. But as I stood in a parking lot adorned with tennis skirts, pearl studs and running shorts, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was just recently in a parking lot filled with technical shirts and trailers.

P7050179You see, in my dream I went in and out of a lot of flyshops. From the outside each one had its own character, but once inside the banter was witty and the fishing reports were always good. In the glossier shops the TARPON video played on a flatscreen TV while guys compared notes on the new sharkskin line. The AC and the beer were chilled to perfection. In the more remote locations they sold homemade floatant and closed the shop each time they ran a shuttle.


It was so strange because in this crazy dream there were bugs everywhere and we all seemed so happy about it. And there were trout that jumped from the water like they were performing at Seaworld. There was a rock shaped like a beaver, a jukebox that always had free songs on it, and snowcapped mountains in the middle of July.

P7250370 We traveled by steam engine through hills filled with gold and found a vintage candy store and homemade ice cream. Oh, did I mention there was no dieting in my dream? I lived on french fries and steaks and blueberry pie and red velvet cupcakes. And there was a bus filled with Tex Mex food! And this is the craziest part…. it was delicious. Really good Tex Mex food outside of the Lone Star State? I know. I told you it was a wacky ass dream.

There were brown trout and rainbow trout and brook trout. I have visions of bent rods and dusty roads and white fluffy clouds. And a really handsome guy who kept rowing me down the river day after day. He didn’t read sonnets to me, but he did tie on my flies and shower me with compliments. And good heavens, did he put me on the fish.

Sugary carbs, honkytonk bars, and big beautiful trout. This summer was a dream alright. Oh there’s much to tell! But don’t worry, I’ll share all the stories with you. And there’s no rush, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon…


43 Responses to “No Need To Pinch Me”
  1. Mercy Myrtle! Reading you again… this must be my dream.

    Kudo’s on a spectacularly enviable summer, I hesitate to welcome you back to reality.

    I missed you though, so I’m stoked! :)

  2. Jim@FFO says:

    I’ve been eating the exact opposite. Started the south beach diet back in July and it’s truly kickin my butt. No carbs and 20 fewer pounds later, I’m lighter and meaner, and gettin’ lighter and meaner, by the day.

    Glad you had a good time. Don’t stay away so long.

  3. Launcher says:

    What’s a sonnet?

  4. Harry says:

    Hey! Welcome back-some of us were beginning to wonder if you had become totally addicted and had deserted us for the life of a trout bum. (I knew there was a good looking guy involved somehow)

    Looking forward to further tales (and pics) of your adventures.

    I think Monty still wants cupcakes though!

  5. piper — thx for the sweet message. I am so happy to be back!

    jim@ffo — CONGRATS on the 20lbs. that is awesome. I’ve done that south beach diet, it’s not easy. made me hallucinate. keep up the good work, it’s inspiring!

    launcher — a ‘sonnet’ is the literary equivalent of a sugary high carb treat

    harry — thanks for the warm welcome darlin! I think it’s safe to say I am deeply addicted to the troutlaw lifestyle and have no intention of 12-stepping my way out of it. but I am also very happy to be home…

  6. Dash says:

    Sounds like the perfect summer to me. Welcome back – you’ve been missed.

  7. Meetw/oFeet says:

    Let me know if you need to be on suicide watch! Good luck adjusting.

  8. Itchy Dog says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I resent you for having spent your summer in Dreamsdale, MT, and I am selfishly glad that you’re back in Realityville, TX.

  9. oatka says:

    I’m still a bit suspicious that this is really Fly Fish Chick, and not some high school drop out long haired freaky kid that’s pulling one over on all of us.

    If this is the real Fly Fish Chick, then tell me….how many fingers am I holding up?

  10. well now where I come from it is very rude to stick your middle finger up like that.

    put that down OATKA and relax, it’s me. I promise. sorry I had to vanish for a spell. but can you really blame me? They don’t call Craig MT ‘The Vortex’ for nothing. It’s pretty alluring…

  11. Man I got to change my ways…to much Algumia Blinco…I could have swore I just heard the FFC voice….na can’t be, she still holed up in some swanky NY Hostelery (shit is that even a word?)trying to make us think she is in MT…I personally know 29 dudes and duedettes who are in Montana and they can’t find her anywhere…course they haven’t spent the night in every Co Jail … maybe she will show up.

    Where”s my damn cupcakes?

    you are not getting off the hook with a pretty pony tailed smile this time.

    Monty Montana…. BTW glad you had a great time, sounds like a lot of fun and I’m envious.

  12. Ben says:

    Welcome back to Texas! This is my first time to reply, but I’ve read every one of your posts (including your CFT blog) since hearing about you on the Trout Underground about a year ago, & I’ve really missed them.
    Wow! What a time you must’ve had! Thanks for all the entertaining posts – you are a truly gifted writer.

  13. ben…

    knock it off, no more head swelling praises for her until I get my “Damn Cupcakes”.

    She is pretty good ..ain’t she.

    Monty Montana

  14. Monty, I do owe you some cupcakes, I have not forgotten! But I still have to figure out how to send them. Stay tuned…meanwhile, as you can see I have branched out beyond trout-themed cupcakes…

    It’s awfully nice to be back with everyone. Thanks for all the warm messages!!

  15. That don’t look like a glass of tex/Mex Mescal to me.

    Monty Montana….

    Make you a deal, check and see if there is a veterans hospital close buy…make some cupcakes and deliver to them and all’s square. OK

  16. grendelmor says:

    So very cool. I am more envious than you can imagine. My summer has been so hectic that I haven’t been able to fish but a few times, and I live vicariously through people that are “out there”. So you have been missed.

    Welcome back. I love your site and I’ve been checking it daily for news of your trips. I look forward to your tales of far away places.


  17. Alabama flygirl says:

    Wooo hooo!! FFC is back. I KNOW you had a great time and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the stories! The boys were starting to get very unruly!

    Welcome back!

  18. Wally says:

    I’m glad you’re back, started to miss you.

  19. Ben says:

    Indeed she is, Monty. I wanna cupcake too?

  20. Yall are the best.

    AL FLYGIRL — looks like you held down the fort no problem. By the way, am headed to atlanta in a few short hours. Going for the Alabama-Clemson game!

    Thank heavens for college football. Takes the sting out of saying goodbye to summer….

    Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. I’ll be back next week and promise to cover you up with all the fishing tales you can handle. (plus a few extra)

  21. Kentucky Jim says:

    I’m with Monty; deliver those cupcakes to the nearest V.A. Hospital…all will be forgiven.

  22. Anthony says:

    About time… Hugs to you darlin… How about a big ole Texas Two Step to deliver those cupcakes and some delicable true Texan BBQ with some legendary Texas music in the background all washed down with Lone Star or Shiner.

    I think it is time for you to host the party for your loyal followers and a slide show of your magical summer in Big Sky country.

    Welcome Home Sweetie!!!

  23. Here we go again…pops in, smiles, drops a couple of cute artsy fartsy writerism and then runs off to another weekend of diebauchery with God knows who and leaves us high (figure of speech)and dry (you maybe not me, my ship came in from the Don Juilo distillery).

    We all better get invited to this weeding.

    don’t just love rumors?

    Monty Montana

  24. Anthony says:

    Monty we may hear from the Texas cutie soon… If we don’t have words of wit by the weekend, it may be time to start our own blog – SEARCHING FOR CUPCAKES IN MONTANA…

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  26. Harry says:

    Monty–weeding? Oh-I get it! A garden wedding!!

    Add in the Lonestar, BBQ and good music-great idea!

  27. Harry,
    pretty close ‘ole friend…

    actually read into the line, “ship came in”, after opening the Don Juilo….wedding sounded and looked like weeding from where I sat.

    However …taking into consideration some of HER friends …it might be closer to a weeding party.

    Monty Montana

  28. Harry says:


    I can certainly understand how that could happen and you just may be right…it could turn into a weeding party.

  29. Itchy Dog says:

    Awful quiet in here. *Sigh*

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  31. RjViator says:

    Dear Fly Chick – - Welcome back to Tejas! I’ve discovered a bit of piracy from your blog site while you’ve been away. It appears The Rogue Angler has stolen your moniker and is marketing products under the Fly Chick logo. It certainly resembles copy right and patent law infringement liability to me. Take a look at and see if I’m hooked up. I would be happy to represent you and act as legal counsel in any litigation that may ensue. While I’m not a license attorney, I do stay at the Holiday Inn Express on occasion. Best fishes, Rod

  32. Graham says:

    Just popping by to say hello :) Hope you are well! It sounds like you had a truly wonderful summer! I’m really glad!

    Warmest wishes ~ Graham

  33. Disappointing………

    Monty Montana

  34. Launcher says:

    Time to pinch??

  35. Harry says:

    Yeah, somebody pinch her-I think she went back to sleep and is still dreaming.

  36. Fantastic story. You have a real way with words. I wish I could dream a dream like that. Only thing is I would probably never want to wake up. Especially, with the no dieting and good TexMex.


  37. Chad says:

    I love fishing in Colorado especially in Fort Collins around HorseTooth. I live in Texas, but I take the family to Colorado once a year and I love to go out early and fish and watch the sun come up, and enjoy the awesome view of the mountains. Nothing like it!


  38. The sad ending of summer. The end of a true fishing adventure. Although I find it difficult to let summer go, I have really learned to love Autumn. It is a break from the summer heat and beautiful seguay into the cold months of winter.

  39. Jagad Guru says:

    So very cool. I am more envious than you can imagine. My summer has been so hectic that I haven’t been able to fish but a few times, and I live vicariously through people that are “out there”. So you have been missed.

    Welcome back. I love your site and I’ve been checking it daily for news of your trips. I look forward to your tales of far away places.

  40. great story, way to paint a picture. My dream would consist of tarpon and snook, and yes, lots of steak, fries and BEER.

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