Where Everybody Knows Your Name

horseshoe lounge There’s only one place to go after a really swanky dinner….your local dive bar. And last Friday was no exception. I stepped out to a wonderful new restaurant called Olivia’s where I enjoyed delicious pan-seared scallops and a fantastic celebration with some of my most favorite people in the world. Plus, all the while I could gaze out the window and across the street at the neon glow of my beloved Horseshoe Lounge.

Needless to say we had to pop over.

So there I was sipping on Lone Stars with my elbows propped on the the padded edge of the bar, when suddenly I heard someone call out, “Fly Fish Chick!” Now I was deeply engaged in a very serious tete-a-tete at that particular moment, so at first I brushed it off as my imagination. But then I heard it again, “Fly Fish Chick!”

horseshoe I glanced toward the end of the bar and sure enough there were two guys nodding at us. It took me a nanosecond but then I recognized one of them as Pete, a super nice guy I met last winter through the Guadalupe River Lease Access program. I had purchased two of his guest passes for the river. Small world!! We all had a big laugh and proceeded to share beers & fishing stories. 

The conversation drifted from fishing to music because as it turns out, Pete is a badass musician. He plays the mandolin in a hard-driving bluegrass band called The Meat Purveyors. Support your fellow dive-bar-beer-drinking fisherman and check them out. In the meantime I promise I will be back with more banter just as soon as I possibly can….


34 thoughts on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. Tough when you have to rejoin the real world isn’t it! Kind of like a really, really bad case of jet lag.

    OK-enough sympathy. Back to work. We want stories, we want pictures!

  2. Good to see your summer hasn’t changed your good taste in fine establishments and by the looks of it you’re seeing good people – especially I can tell by the support of the Rammies!

  3. Yeah…you were prbably sipping a ’57 St. Emilion in between gulps of blue points (this is a month with an “r”) in a Michelin four star, right across the street from the horse shoe lounge. After all, Texans don’t pay much creed to zoning, right?

    I think it was Ed Zern that said “fishermen aren’t born liars…but they get over it.”.

  4. What up FFC? I hope you are busy making some cupcakes for these fellas. They get awfully distressed when you go away for these extended stays!

  5. “Oh but I’ll be all right
    as long as there’s light
    from the neon moon.”

    That is indeed a beckoning sign.
    When the leaves are off the trees, I can see the glow from the Blue Sky Room’s sign from my dining room. To paraphrase Norman Maclean, “I am haunted by neon.”

  6. Yay! A woman’s fly fishing blog. I just started fishing (my husband’s teaching me) and I hardly ever see other gals on the river. Glad to have found you. You rule.

  7. Just popped by to let you know that I enjoy your blog. Juggling a fishing obsession and a young’un is something I know all about :)

    If you’re ever in the UK and want to see what all the chalkstream fuss is about drop me a line


  8. Wook-remember, she’s done this to us before.

    She’s probably busy earning a living so she can pay her internet bill-after all, she did take the whole summer off!

    Then again, maybe she has run off on us.

  9. Excuse my ignorance but I am not American, I have heard of Dive bars but have no idea waht they are? what makes them different from any other bar?

  10. Hey Alfred,

    A dive bar in the US is like the down and dirty bar like you see in the movies where it’s dark, not fancy…There is usually a pool table, couple of dart boards, and a bar. There may or may not be peanut shells on the floor too.

    Imagine the smell of smoke in the air, guys in flannel shirts too…maybe a brawl here or there too!


  11. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ?we leave it to you to decide?.

  12. Jack:

    One question…Are you for real or is this some personae you cooked up to get readers?

    real deal my friend. except for the blond wig facebook photo in the sidebar. well, it’s really me in New Orleans on Halloween. But I’m not a real blonde…..shhhhhh…..


  13. I just have to post about this, but this reminded me of the latest news with Craigslist CEO asking for an apology from the AG of South Carolina. Always something new with CL and events in the news.

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