Is This Thing On?

announcers 02 Why is it so quiet in here?!?!

Alright, I know I know. I’ve been radio silent. But to tell you the truth, I have a very good excuse… I just haven’t had a damn thing to say.

No self-promoting fish pictures to broadcast, no play-by-play of days on the water with family and friends, no color commentary of neon life in the honkytonk bars of rural Montana. So I simply had to tap my helmet and come out of the game for a bit.

Not to mention, I haven’t been fishing lately! Well, that’s not entirely true. I ventured out with a spinning rod. Now that was a whole new ball game for me. A story for another day.

But there’s been no fly-fishing for this chick since summer wrapped up. Instead, I have temporarily traded my fishing addiction for an unhealthy obsession for college football.

Really, it all goes back to my New Years Resolutions for 2008. I’ve long since given up lofty resolutions like weight loss and financial success. Those are a recipe for disappointment and self destruction. I like to make new years resolutions that are both tangible and achievable. So my objectives for this year were pretty clear cut:

1. Attend a Texas home football game

2. Attend an SEC football game

3. Start drunk dialing friends

Now truth be told, at this stage in life I don’t think I even drink enough to qualify as a drunk dialer. So I’m probably going to fail on that one. Or at least roll it into 2009.

But no worries because I am doing extraordinarily well on Resolutions #1 and #2. You have to admit, it’s been a pretty exciting college football season. It’s so fun. I don’t understand why any man, woman or child wouldn’t love college football. It’s beyond me! As my dad says, it’s the original TV Reality Show. I have re-arranged MyYahoo to feed me the latest NCAA Football news round the clock. Sunday evenings I start hitting REFRESH on to get the updated rankings. I am brainwashing my child with stickers and t-shirts.

ncf_midseason_report_412 It’s been a season of David & Goliath upsets, mid-season firings, nailbiter finishes, heartbreaking injuries and bizarre referee calls. But we’re at the mid-point and we’ve got 3 venerable football teams at the top of the pile. Darwinian if you think about it. As this ESPN article explains, the 70s are back baby!!

I love that Tennessee fell from grace early. And that USC got walloped on the nose like a bad puppy that peed on the carpet. I loved the Vanderbilt Cinderella story. And watching the Alabama-Georgia game with my daughter as we were battling it out (mother vs daughter) with respective elephant and bulldog stuffed animal webkinz in hand. I loved being at a Texas tailgate watching Carolina upset Miami. I loved being at a Carolina tailgate watching Texas upset OU. I love the SEC, I love the Big 12 and I love the Tarheels.

The best part is that I have been to some fun games this year. Of course my diet has gone to hell, because I’ve had more hot dogs and popcorn in the last six weeks than I’ve had in my lifetime — delish. I actually drank a bourbon & coke in a plastic cup last week. Haven’t done that in ages….funny how it comes right back to you. The smell of bourbon, the roar of the crowd, dancing at a fraternity house late night.

Yes, it has been a fun season of college football. With hopefully more on the horizon. But while I shift my mind toward the trout and chilly rivers that are in my near future, I thought I would share a few pictures from my football adventures this Fall. Enjoy. Show your colors. Cheer hard. But most of all MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!

ALABAMA beat CLEMSON 34-10 in the Georgia Dome:

I love the fact that I saw this game with my own eyes at the start of it all. Bama shot out of the tunnel this season like a cannon and hasn’t looked back. Tough days now for Tommy Bowden, but anyone else who was at this game will tell you Clemson’s troubles started right here in Atlanta.



roll tide

TEXAS beat RICE 52-10 at home:

Okay so Rice wasn’t a terribly big threat. But we were ready. And this was a hell of a fun day.





TEXAS beat ARKANSAS 52-10 at home:

This game was rescheduled due to Hurricane Ike, so then it conflicted with the ACL music festival. No worries though because I think I could see the festival all the way from here. Went to the game with great family friends and took Little Chick which was a real treat.

dkr mem stadium

UNC beat NOTRE DAME 29-24 in Chapel Hill:

This was the best of all. We had a big reunion in Chapel Hill last weekend for this game — we’ve been planning this gathering since last February. Carolina is my alma mater and I haven’t been back in 9 years. We showed up and cheered hard and I can say I had more fun last Saturday night in that football stadium than I had the whole four years I was in college — and that is saying a lot.


This Carolina defensive stand was incredible. Led us to victory. And almost gave me a heart attack:




14 Responses to “Is This Thing On?”
  1. Football. Huh, whodathunkit? Not me, but then I had no idea that the Securities and Exchange Commission even had a team. Guess I could watch football, but then I’d have to tear myself away from Motogp and OCTOBER FLY-FISHING. Tough acts to follow in my book and I guess that’s where I have to part company with you and your dad (with all due respect of course).

    Anyway, good to hear from you again. And here’s a football positive you may not have considered: football season equals less fisherman equals more free water. So here’s to football!

  2. Harry says:

    Nothing like trading one addiction for another-does that qualify as rehabilitation and make you a a “reformed” fly fisher?

    Welcome back.

  3. Meetw/oFeet says:

    Looks like you’re over acheiving attending footbal games. That may make up for the acheiving your desired drunk dailing status. BTW – Did I call you on the night of my birthday?

  4. Rick says:

    I am just glad my pants made the final cut

  5. Dash says:

    Looks like you’ve been to some pretty good ones. I’m looking forward to Nov. 8th when Nick Saban makes his first trip back to Tiger Stadium. That one will probably decide the SEC West winner. I’ll be fishing in North Carolina that weekend, so I’ll have to miss it. Glad to see you back at the ol’ blog. You should come to the TU meeting on the 25th. Dave Whitlock will be the guest speaker.

  6. Chick, welcome back. It is a relief to see you have not fallen prey to a scandlous river bum and abandon all your loyal servants completely.
    Now my comments…first who or what led you to believe we (your dedicated readers and followers)were only interested in your BOLG because it was a FLYFISHING site?….because that jackass is wrong.
    Second…communication is the grease of our society, we all must communicate daily (in some fashion) so to leave for days on end without a note of some type borders on, well you get the point.
    Football, fishing, little chick, mom and dad,music, drinking and carousing with friends in Texas honky tonks, we don’t care….what we care about is you, your wit, your smile even if there is no picture, laughing at your youthful look on different subjects, your womens take on a mans sport,and your ability to keep all of us in line. Your blog is a much needed distraction from everyday mundane man shit, work taxes, and presently which candidate is lying the most.
    Your site is a junkies fix….it’s different and much looked forward to…and when it is quiet for so long is missed.
    I don’t care whats up today or this weekend hell let’s talk knitting or hockey, dosen’t matter, but silence, that is no good for my soul, so when you get through baking my cupcakes just a couple of words to make us smile.

    can you tell i’ve spent to many days lately with attorneys?

  7. John says:

    If you are going to attempt objective #3 via text message or email you may want to install this:

    It just might keep you out of trouble.

  8. Brandon says:

    Hey Fly Fish Chick,

    Sorry to hear about the no fishing, but it sounds and looks like football has been fun. And hey, how about those heels.

    Striped Bass fly fishing has been wide open on the coast. Just got back from 2 weeks in Montauk. Check out some wild pictures I caught on camera while up there. It should get you warmed up for some fishing:

    Headed out west next week to fish around Jackson Hole, the South Fork over in Idaho for a day and then hit the Madison and Henry’s Fork. I heard those trout are hungry :-)

    Keep in touch


  9. Alabama flygirl says:

    I’m with Monty! We all love fly fishing but we really want to hear the adventures of FFC! Glad you’re back! Football has seriously affected our fishing this fall as well! We love all football but especially the SEC! We are headed this weekend to fish the Caney Fork again, but my husband will be keeping up with the games on his phone as we drift along!

  10. yall are real peaches, the lot of you. you know I can’t stay away for long! thanks for the warm welcome home.

    I do have a few stories tucked away to share. and I am headed to MT next week, so hopefully I will return with fresh fishing news

    in the meantime…

    Meet w/o Feet — No. You did not call me on your birthday and now I am despondent. Sounds like you were doing some drunk dialing? Happy Belated and bump me a little higher up on the DD list.

    Rick — You better get your fancy pants ready for saturday night!!

  11. Anthony says:

    Welcome back FF Chick… It is good to see your prose again… If you want SEC football come to Florida. I have yet to get to a game as the saltwater has been my new addiction. I have been able to marry football and fishing on the east coast… Leave early in the morning fish the flats for a few hours and head back for kick off on Sunday… Plenty of time to fulfill both addictions of fishing and football.

    Have a safe trip to Montana and save some trout for us to catch in the future.

    Best… We salute you with a Texas cold Shiner and a Pat Green song on the juke box…

  12. Murdock says:

    hey I was at that UNC game. Small world! GO Heels!

  13. murdock — that is a small world. go heels. hopefully we’ll beat ga tech on saturday

  14. Footbal is great but it still can’t beat baseball ;)

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