Keepin’ The Grass Blue and The Fish Red

meatpurveyorWas cruising past the greatest music venue of all time, The Continental Club, and noticed The Meat Purveyors on the Thursday night marquis. Had to swing in and support my buddy, Pete, the mandolin player. Pete and I first met through our local TU chapter and in a weird twist we ran into each other back in September at another venerable Austin dive.

Once again we had fun drinking Lone Stars and swapping fishing stories. Then The Meat Purveyors took the stage and wowed the crowd with some edgy cowpunk-style bluegrass that was out of sight.

You have to love a guy who plays the hell out of a mandolin and a Texas redfish…


A purveyor of meat and fish. Cheers to Pete.

11 Responses to “Keepin’ The Grass Blue and The Fish Red”
  1. J-rome says:

    damn chick…. hanging and fishing with all cool peoples…. thanks for reminding me how musically deprived i am here compared to my beloved Athens,Austin,and Gruene…..

  2. See, that’s just what I have been talking about…every picture on your blog shows a man smiling “big time” after you have been .

    Girl I do believe you have a curse….good for you, enjoy.

    Monty….BTW how’s the cupcake recipe comming?

  3. luke2luke says:

    Your website is the best! I get to see places I have fished, and new ones. If you ever get out to Oregon, write. I’ll hook you up with some great white water fishing for redsides on the McKenzie or Deschutes, or steelhead on a fly on the Rogue. All of this in WOODEN drift boats. Oh, our beer is the best.

  4. J-rome — I suppose the grass is blue AND always just a little greener. you miss music in the South and I miss the trout in the West. let’s keep swapping stories

    Monty — Happy Veterans Day. I haven’t forgotten the cupcakes…stay tuned

    Luke2Luke — ice down that superior beer because you’ve got yourself a deal. who knows when I could ever make it to Oregon but now it’s on the list. sounds like good times to be had

  5. fishster says:

    The CC was my neighborhood waterin hole for three decades before I became another statistic to the 78704 growth. Saw many a great acts bless that stage.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know, after reading your stuff for a while, I finally get it…there is a lot more to fly fishing than fly fishing.

    I tried to cover most of the rest, although I didn’t do justice to the music aspect (but I did get the beer down).

    Oh, and I completely missed the cupcakes…

  7. Stiles says:

    Hey – Thanks for making me look like such a bad ass. I think the next round of Lone Stars will have to be on me.
    Cheers, Pete

  8. Mike Ormsby says:

    Fly Fish Chick
    I love your blog — you make a wannabe writer like me realize I have a lot of work to do though — but once again I realize that fly fishing is good for the soul as you have so wonderfully illustrated — I like to remember the following:”No matter how complicated life can get — remember life is sometimes like fly fishing; after turning over every rock in the river trying to “match the hatch”, you have probably spooked every fish for miles — so don’t let the “little things” BUG you — just enjoy whatever you find.” — you have a very cool site
    Tight Lines,
    Mickey Finn

  9. Mike Ormsby says:

    By the way forgot to add in previous comment — gotta love that bluegrass music — and if you ever get a chance check out fly fishing folk singer Andy Cayn’s website — great fly fishing inspired songs like “The Hapless Wader” — finally Fly Fish Chick you rock — really love that you’ve turned Little Chick onto fly fishing — children definitely are our future — if you ever get a hankering to fly fish north of the border this is one crazy Canuck who would love to show you some of the fine fly fishing available up here
    Tight Lines,

  10. audwin says:

    Very Nice, carry on

  11. I think I’m in love…mandolin player in Austin who also fishes–ahhhh.

    Love the blog–come fish in Idaho some time.

    Tight lines-Morgan

    From Goliad, Texas, to Ketchum, Idaho

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