This Is No Longer a Vacation, It’s A Quest.

After disappearing this summer on a super-extended fishing vacation, I promised regular FFC reader Monty Montana (who was none too pleased that I abandoned my blog without explanation) that as a meager penance I would deliver some cupcakes to a nearby Veteran’s Hospital. What better day than Veteran’s Day, right??

I recruited Little Chick to the project so she could experience this patriotic service project. We started at the grocery, picked out our supplies and made a feast of cupcakes.


Then we went to the Veterans Affairs web site to find our spot. We decided on a Veterans Outpatient Clinic on the east side of town.

I will admit I was a little disappointed when we arrived because the parking lot was so empty. Oh well, I mused to Little Chick, “We must just be really early. Plus, even if there aren’t a number of veterans in the clinic today, the people who work here will appreciate the cupcakes too!”

Of course we had to snap a few pictures before heading in.



We marched boldly toward the entrance, excited to share our humble (albeit heartfelt & delicious) offering with our heroes. But when the electric doors wouldn’t slide open I took a closer look at the sign staring me in the face:


Oh. My. Freaking. Word. Are you kidding me???? But it wasn’t a joke. Sorry folks, clinic’s closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.


I kinda felt like doing this.

moose out front

But they don’t have a moose outside the clinic and Little Chick and I were laughing too hard to get too upset. I swear, does this sort of thing only happen to me?

Oh well. Determined to salvage the quest in some form or fashion, we delivered the cupcakes to our church where they are hosting a dinner this evening, so all was not lost.



18 Responses to “This Is No Longer a Vacation, It’s A Quest.”
  1. Thank you….I am laughing so hard I can’t see to type.
    You did good, and I really appreciate the effort. Fishings on me if you ever get to California…Upper Sac, The Pit, Hat Creek, Fall River, McCloud or maybe the Trinity for Steelhead or the Rogue and Woods Creek or maybe over to the awsome Owyhee in eastern Oregon.

    Slates been wiped clean …now let’s get back to some awsome stories…you do have talent,and not bad to look at either.

    Monty Montana…PS tell Little Chick thank you.

  2. Simon says:

    Reminds me of the time when I was living in London and got a job as a maintenance engineer for Bairings bank only to arrive on the monday to find they had gone bankrupt due to some bloke in Malaysia called Nick Leason doing some dodgy deals.There were hundreds of workers just standing in the street after being thrown out with just their belongings….ooops!
    So I went fishing instead.

  3. Simon says:

    Oh! and I forgot to mention that they said that I might have to wait and get in the rather long queue if I wanted to claim for lost earnings……Hence to say I am still waiting for a reply.

  4. Stiles says:

    That’s like church being closed for Easter! WTF?

  5. Labrat says:

    ROTFLOL…John Candy was a nice touch.
    It really is the thought that counts. And the thanks was evident. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good on you. And LC.

    We are glad you didn’t go all Griswold on the door.

  7. Alabama flygirl says:

    You’re a good girl FFC!!

  8. Oatka says:

    As much as that stinks, you still get credit for trying! Great work especially showing Little Chick that it’s good to be nice!

  9. xwardn says:

    FFC, you rock! I did 11 years military (active and reserve) and 18 years of wildlife law enforcement – plenty of public service. I can’t remember anyone going out of their way to say thank you or show appreciation. You are to be commended for your thoughtfulness and being a good example for LC. The sign in the door didn’t surprise me though – typical government thingy. Keep up the good work – your writing skills and sense of humor are A++.

  10. Harry says:

    Looks like your readers give you an A+ for a great effort. I concur.

    Now-more stories!

  11. Wolfy says:

    TERRIFIC article on all counts, as we’ve come to expect. What more could we ask for – governmental irony, life enhancing lesson for LC, heartfelt message from beginning to end, and Griswold references! My wife refuses to fly, so our summer vacations are Griswold-esque adventures, loaded with plenty of “The moose out front should have told you …” references.

    Keep up the great work, FFC


  12. Kentucky Jim says:

    Thanks for the effort. I was in Vietnam during 1968-69 with the U.S. Air Force. My vote if for you and LC to try again. But tell her I appreciate her effort, as well as yours.

    Monty, I don’t look nearly as good as she does, but I’d love to come up to the Trinity for Steelhead. Got a 7 weight rod just for that purpose; haven’t used it yet, except for practice casting in anticipation of becoming a certified instructor.

  13. Sean says:

    You are hysterical! I loved the reference to the movie, Vacation! As a Veteran, I thank you for your thoughts. Now, will you e-mail me a cupcake?


    P.S. I love your blog. Much more sophisticated than mine. Plus, people actually leave posts on yours.

  14. tom says:

    Very nice of you. Maybe you’ll get better luck next year

  15. Those look good! I agree your blog is a lot cooler than most.

  16. Oh well its the thought that counts. Bring some fish next time and they’ll definitely stay open

  17. Pett says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.


  18. Well, at least you tried! It is strange that they would be closed for the holiday. But at least the cupcakes turned out good!
    Thanks for sharing.

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