Modelo Behavior

Been pretty nuts around here with holiday madness — not to mention some actual work. But I was thrilled to take some time out last week to meet up with G SMOLT who left Alaska for a spell and found himself kicking around my Austin neighborhood. We had some good laughs over hot sauce and cold beer.

modelo 001

Cheers G SMOLT! Hope yall made it north to Alaska safe & sound. Next time the Modelo is on me….


14 thoughts on “Modelo Behavior

  1. MMMMMmmm, Modelo. Me likey da dark stuff. Negro Modelo with a lime slice ground into the bottle. That and El Zacatacano. Some wacky concoction my local Mexican restuarant serves up with chicken, chorizo and pineapples all covered in cheese. Served on a warm tortilla. Don’t forget the guac’ n beans. I’ve learned all my Spanish from the excellent wait staff there. “Dos Margaritas, con sal.”
    *wipes drool off chin…*

  2. I’m green with envy…. I have yet to find decent mexican food in Wyoming. When I visit my son in Texas,
    a good Tex-Mex meal is always first on the list. Thank God the fishing here is great. Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Going to have to try that Negro Modelo with a slice of lime — just started advertising it up here in this part of the Great White North (does this mean we might be getting civilized?!?!?) — but at least we can get good Mexican food up this way; there’s a couple of real authentic Mexican restaurants in Toronto now (seems there’s an increase in the number of Mexicans immigrating to this area — and some have started serving the real thing — definitely not anything like Taco Belle — maybe we are getting civilized up here in Canada?????)– I have to admit for a preference over Mexican than Tex-Mex — but then again I did eat well last time I was in Austin at the Texican CafĂ© Manchaca!!!!

  4. I know what you mean about not being able to find good Mexican food. The farther away from the border, the harder it is. Seems like everytime a Mexican family opens up a restaurant with authentic food, it goes under. Heck, we live so far from the border that nobody around here even knows what genuine Mexican food tastes like. I think when most people go into a restaurant serving real Mexican food, they must be surprised (and secretly disappointed?) that it tastes different than Taco Time!

  5. Disapointing…no word from our wayward wander for so long…

    oh well, off to Pennsylvaina to find that Amish girl.

    Happy Holidays everyone.

    Stay safe, drive sober and if you must drink….don’t leave any in the bottle.

  6. Where is the chick? I just started reading this blog, and now I have ran out of content.

    I am just now getting into fly fishing after years of gear fishing the Oregon Coast. So I am learning through various experiences that I am reading on yours and other blogs. I am really enjoying yours as you are keeping you child envolved, which is something I wish dearly to be able to do with my two girls. Any pointers would be helpful.

    Also, come to Oregon for the some good beer. We have one of the highest brewerys per capita in the US. Right up there with Montana.

    So keep up the blogging. Some of us need stuff to do on our lunch hour.


  7. happy new year everybody!! hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and great start to 2009. I am wrapping up 2+ weeks of family vacation….have been very offline throughout the holidays. but am almost back to austin and back to my keyboard.

    with stories to share….although none of them involve fish. que sera~

    cheers all!!….FFC

  8. No stories on fishing …let’s see what else would a bunch of cabin fever suffering fishing whores be interested in….now this might be interesting.

    Happy New Year Chick…pleased as a piglette in mud you are safe and sound.

    Now get your cute little wader clad butt back to the keyboard …you have a bunch of salivating old men waiting …and some young ones too.

  9. Happy New Year FFC (and everybody else too!!!!) — hope you had a great Holiday time with family and friends; can’t wait to hear some of your stories — even if they don’t really involve fishing
    Tight Lines,

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