Racqueteering Charges

I promised a post about my roadtrip to Kentucky (and that will come) but first, I have a bit of a true confession. I know I should have gone fishing yesterday morning. Especially since I’m in a fishing rut. But instead of pulling myself out of my dry spell and into my waders, I spent my smidgen of free time on a totally new sport.

I took my inaugural tennis lesson.

Now I actually did take tennis lessons back in the 8th grade. But right when I began to show a modicum of promise and improvement, my instructor suggested to my mother that I move on to a more serious tennis program. Nightmare! One minute I’m out in the sunshine hitting balls with a cute pro who was constantly telling me how talented I was, and the next I was in some windowless tennis warehouse with a bunch of grouchy tennis-clone kids and a Nazi instructor who pretty much yelled at me for 90 solid minutes three times a week. The mere mention of a Juniors Circuit caused me to completely short circuit.

Where was the Grille where I could sign for a burger and a coke? Where were the fun people with warm blood flowing through their veins? I cried bullshit on the whole deal and quit tennis all together. I haven’t even touched a racquet since 1984.

When I mentioned to my dad I was going to try a few lessons, he was nostalgic about my brief adolescent tennis career. He recounted that I actually had a strong backhand with decent topspin, but I wouldn’t run two steps for the ball and never actually wanted to play a game.

Hmmm, a backhanded complement to be sure, but I was undeterred. And once I assured The Professor I would never actually force him to endure playing with me, he enthusiastically got on board and sent me a tennis racquet to start my lessons.

And let’s be honest. My motivation for taking up tennis is pretty much so I can fancy about town in a cute little tennis skirt and do something with my girlfriends that involves more than red wine and talking about our kids. Perhaps this supports both my father’s and The Professor’s assessment that I lack a certain…how do I say…competitive bite? But all I know is that yesterday I spent an hour in the sunshine whacking away at tennis balls, laughing with one of my best girlfriends while a super-sweet pro was telling us we were “doing great!”

Hell yeah, I like tennis.

But don’t worry, you know where my true heart lies. When I went to Academy last week to stock up on tennis skirts I found myself drifting over to the Fishing License desk and ended up buying a TX Saltwater tag. Let’s just say when it comes to redfish, I am starting to get that competitive bite.

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  1. Tennis Plaza says:

    I’m sure you’re father feels like he didn’t completely waste his money on those lessons now that you’ve picked up the sport again. Out of curiosity, did your father buy you a Wal-Mart special racket or one like Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams plays with?

    Your “lack of motivation” for the game seems like my young son. He loves to hit the balls out in the back yard but as soon as he gets on the tennis court he would rather run across the court dodging tennis balls then swing the racket for a purpose. Loved the story, keep up the good writing.


  2. Alabama flygirl says:

    Cute tennis pro + compliments from aforementioned cute tennis pro + best girlfriend = a great day

    Hmmm…a saltwater tag??? Some redfish stories would be great too!

  3. Harry says:

    Tennis? Tennis?? I guess in the name of physical fitness that’s ok ,but…

    I am thinking that if “The Professor” had sent you a new fly rod instead, you would have grabbed those waders and headed for the water!

    By the way, anybody else out there notice how much mention “The Professor” is getting these days? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  4. Jim@FFO says:

    Good on ya girl,
    I envy the perspicacity of revisiting old diversions. It’s a trait I’ve learned to not entertain. I don’t play golf anymore and there’s a great reason for it. I’d probably end up killing someone on the course. Sometime, 20 or so years ago, around the same time I got a fish to snap at a dry fly for the first time, I got rid of my golf clubs. The emotions created during high-stick nymphing are similar to those experienced just after my typical approach shot out of a trap; the uncontrollable urge to wrap something around a tree.

  5. Kentucky Jim says:

    Tennis? What’s a Tennis? But seriously, when’t the story about Kentucky coming? No, really. That’s where they keep the real country ham, Tennessee notwithstanding. That is also where they keep the whiskey… no, the real whiskey, again, Tennessee notwithstanding.

  6. Hello. Dropped your blog on T.F.M. blog list. Check it…and email me if you don’t mind when you get a chance.


  7. jeff says:

    Howdy Ma’am-

    I was padding my blogroll with suitable links, starting over at LivingWithBirdDogs, then to SetterFeathers&QuailTails, and went down his blog roll to Fly Fish Chick.

    As Lyle says, “Oooooo give back my heart, you big ole redneck woman”

    And so I clicks on the link, and read that you live in Austex (read my blog post on the Austin Man v. Food episode). And then the coup de gras…

    You had me at:

    “Carolina beat Notre Dame and I was in Chapel Hill to see it”

    I’m smitten. Truly.

  8. Back the truck up there Jeff my man…a very long line ahead of you….I suspect you will drawing SS before you get a chance to swoon our gal.

    Monty Montana

  9. Ha!! yall are wonderful. lifting my spirirts on a somewhat taxing day

    KYJim — yes, story on KY is coming. just out of order. but I do keep my promises….it’s just I sometimes do it slowly.

    Cameron — many thanks! will check it out n shoot you an email

    Jeff — you’re a dear! thank you and welcome. I like lyle too, but for future reference, only a grammy award winning musician should play around with calling a girl a “a big ole redneck woman”

    Monty — you are making me blush

  10. dan says:

    What rivers are you fishing

  11. Ava says:

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  13. highheels says:

    you know you can combine the best of both worlds. You can wear your tennis skirt while fishing ;) .

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