No, I Did Not Sign The Covenant

Harkening back to the holidays, I promised Kentucky Jim I would share the tale of my brief roadtrip from Nashville to Kentucky. You see, the holidays were abuzz with food and spirits and activity and I needed a mini escape from my escape, so to speak. A 24-hour respite to relax and wind down. So we decided to drive over to Kentucky and stay at Shaker Village, which was once a religious community but is now a serene and decadent country inn.

Now let me tell you the Shakers were pious people. And I mean pious! On becoming a Shaker one would sign a sacred Covenant, giving up all worldly possessions and agreeing to a lifetime of celibacy. Marriages were dissolved and your children became brothers and sisters of the overall ‘family’. Shakers worked diligently at broom-making, weaving, farming, and all of their labor benefited a higher power and the common good of the their community.

And they were not allowed to speak at mealtimes.

WHOA!!! Are you kidding me?? They had to eat in total silence?! Those of you who have broken bread with this Chick know that would be really hard for me. While I have the utmost respect for the Shaker way of life, thankfully their rules no longer govern guests of the inn.

And in case you’re curious I did some homework and apparently modern Shakers have loosened up on the whole no-talking-at-mealtime rule. Whew.

At any rate we were inspired to journey into Kentucky on this soul-cleansing, rejuvenating mission. Halfway there we ventured off the highway for lunch. Apparently GPS devices are more and more sophisticated these days because our GPS seemed to know the true character of the people in the vehicle, as it detoured us away from our spiritual journey and straight into Bardstown, KY The Bourbon Capitol of the World.

Loved Bardstown. We kicked around and checked it out before finding a spot to eat. It has all these beautiful old buildings and a charming antique cemetery. Not to mention giant bourbon distilleries which were fascinating.

But back to the task at hand. After lunch we reprogrammed the GPS (not to mention our focus) and ventured on to Shaker Village, which I will say far exceeded our expectations. The meals were delicious, the buildings are beautifully restored and the countryside was magnificent. A hiker’s paradise with horse trails and people trails alike. The sunset rivaled any that I have experienced anywhere. And the snow flurries on the walk to breakfast were storybook.

Everything about Shaker village was pristine and peaceful and for a brief moment, time seemed to stand completely still. It was a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy a little montage of the roadtrip from Nashville to Shaker village KY:

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16 Responses to “No, I Did Not Sign The Covenant”
  1. Harry says:

    Nice video & it looks like you had a great time. And I think we all understand why you wouldn’t sign the covenant!

    I hope you took time to take a couple of the tours of the distilleries and visited the tasting rooms. Or took the short tour and went straight to the tasting!

    Great choice on the music also.

  2. Jim@FFO says:

    Even after not having been there in like 15 years, I can still say with authority, that place serves one of the best breakfasts you’re ever going to find east of the Mississippi. As a cabinetmaker, I was bowled over by the woodworking, but the non sequitur of seeing a TV in the rooms with all that ancient furniture was disturbing. The least they could do was make the Shaker beds vibrate. At least they had the decency to not put in cable. From around there, south to the Cumberland, and all points east, there’s some great fishing too.

  3. Whiskey, screwin’ and talkin’ with your mouth full; what on earth (or in heaven) could make a person give that up, unless they were so bad at one or more activities that it wasn’t really a sacrifice?

    Haven’t checked in in a while FFC, glad to know you’re still here. I was suffering my own personal economic crisis, but now must grudgingly admit to being gainfully employed. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but at least now I can afford to enjoy a decent buzz.

  4. Kentucky Jim says:

    So Smells chimes in! My sentiments, exactly, Smells.

    Glad you got around to the post, FFC. Now, had you gone a bit farther…no, really…just a short distance farther, you would have been in the real bluegrass. That’s where the horses are. Expensive ones. People come from all over the world to buy ‘em. The crown prince of Dubai owns two or three farms there.

    Back down toward Nashville, you missed Kentucky and Barkeley Lakes; home to some very nice largemouth bass I’m told, not that you should have tried your hand at them at this time of year!

    But perhaps most important, you missed Loretto, Kentucky just a short distance outside of Bardstown. It’s home to Star Hill Farm, where Maker’s Mark is made, complete with little farm ladies dipping bottles in toaster ovens of hot wax. Not some big place like you passed by, it’s a small “boutique” distillery, and it’s been there a long time. The Daniels family’s been making whiskey since well before I was born, and that’s been a few days ago.

    Had lunch in the Talbot Tavern one time when I was a boy. My dad couldn’t buy a drink there, but he could get a “set up”, if he brought his own whiskey (he didn’t).

    So I fished in the river in the rain last weekend here in California. Had a good time, gotta do more of it.


  5. Kentucky Jim says:

    Oh, yeah. Love your musical tastes.

  6. DSFlyman says:

    I agree… the music is kewl.

  7. Donkey Jaw says:

    FYI…Shaker Village sits above “the Dix”, Lake Herrington’s small tailwater, which is managed for trophy brown trout…

  8. Derik says:

    What did that have to do with fish? Get on the water kid.

  9. Monty Montana says:

    Ah guys (and dolls) come on you have missed it again…

    the video only shows one gentlemen in several different settings and check out that grin….now you know why NO FISH TAILS.

    Pretty sly Chick….but the ‘ole inspector caught you again.


  10. dan says:

    This is a great blog

  11. It has been ages since I went to Pleasant Hill, but I have some good memories of eating catfish in the restaurant. I also was surprised to see the TV’s in the rooms.


  12. Kentucky Jim says:

    Correction. It’s not the Daniels family; I was thinking of that other distillery down in Tennessee. It’s the Samuels family.

  13. I remember times in the elementary school cafeteria when I would’ve really, REALLY loved for everyone to eat in total silence. All them rowdy kids (myself not included ;) )could shout the ears off a deaf man.

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  15. Jersey says:

    I hope you took time to take a couple of the tours of the distilleries and visited the tasting rooms. Or took the short tour and went straight to the tasting!

  16. saints shop says:

    I hope you took time to take a couple of the tours of the distilleries and visited the tasting rooms.

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