Big Bug Love

How good does this look right about now?

big bug love

Of course we all dig the delicate finesse of landing a big fish on a teeny little dry fly and precarious 5x. I mean sure! What’s not to love?

But sometimes, bigger is better. Sometimes the fish just want more more more — and so do we. So when you see a big beautiful, gnarly fly like this crawling into the open bag of sunflower seeds lying next to your oarlock, alarm bells should sound and anchors should drop. It’s time to tie on the cable wire and start lovin’ the big bug.

big hole xxoo

The Big Hole offered me a tease of a hatch last summer, but it was definitely enough to lure me into the whole salmon fly mania. Plus, I just think I am inclined to feel a special connection to any trout with enough cahones to slam down unabashedly on such a gluttonous gut-busting feast.

Especially when their mouth can barely get around the fly.


Now that’s what I call gumption. Kinda reminds me of this little guy.

pie eating

Salmon fly or cranberry pie….the lesson is the same. Because both the trout and the kid know what the rest of us sometimes forget. That no matter the outcome, every once in awhile you just have to go large.

10 thoughts on “Big Bug Love

  1. Valentines day was on the 14th I am told.
    I missed it.

    Prince Nymph? I’m thinking that’s a different bug.

  2. Dear Fly Fish Chick,

    Does the fact that it’s mid-Feb and I’m already dreaming of salmonflies mean I might have a problem?


    - Desperate in eastern Idaho

  3. Dear “Desperate in Eastern Idaho”:

    No you don’t not have a problem. It’s an admirable obsession. Besides, what do you have to feel desperate about? you’re in the cat bird seat, my man! Think of those of use who are “desperate in Suburbia”….or “desperate in Any Ole Cubicle, USA”…you are probably poised to see a salmonfly before we do.

    great. now I’m depressed.

    Fly Fish Chick

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