Hooked One Hell Of A Pig

pig hooked

Okay, so that is a bit of a pig-in-a-poke because of course it’s not a pig-thick trout, nor can I claim this feral creature as my own. To be honest I don’t think it’s very ladylike to refer to trout as “pigs”. I tend to leave that testosterone fishing lingo to the boys. Because as you can clearly see from this photo, I am nothing if not the epitome of Southern Femininity & Grace.

Alright, stop laughing, Mother.

So anyway, a few weeks ago I was invited to visit a storied old Alabama hunting camp, as rich in history as it is in wildlife and river-swamp beauty. While we were there someone shot this big ole hog, and of course I just couldn’t resist hamming it up with the ham.

And no, in a pig’s eye I did not mean to get eye-level with the pig’s ass! I’m just lucky the damn thing didn’t swing around.

Now if any of you need some fly-tying material, let me know. Because I’m pretty sure I still have hog’s hair all over those clothes. I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t turn this Lord of The Flies scene into more of a Lord of The Dry Flies sorta deal.

The hog was sopping wet and covered in blood so I said my hellos and goodbyes pretty fast, then took leave of the swine in favor of red wine and the chance to pig out on some of the best fried chicken and macaroni & cheese I’ve had in ages.

Many thanks to my gracious host for a wonderful time at a beautiful camp. It was a special visit and I will gladly Roll Hamabama style anytime…

hog laughing

10 Responses to “Hooked One Hell Of A Pig”
  1. Alabama flygirl says:

    Looks like you might have been in LA…lower Alabama!

  2. Launcher says:


    IT’S A PIG MAN!!!!

    Excuse me, I believe it is a large feral hog.

    Makes MY mouth water.

    I cannot or should not say that about a fish since God created all fish to be returned to the stream.

    Can’t very well throw him back now can you.

    I enjoy reading of your adventures.


  3. Launcher says:


    Is that fingernail polish?

  4. AL Flygirl — you are correct….I think. I know I started in LA. But we drove about an hour and a half. Is that still considered LA? Sure was a pretty spot!

    Launcher — yes it’s red finger nail polish. not blood. and you’re right….very hard to exercise catch & release on a feral hog!

  5. Alabama flygirl says:

    Pretty much anything below Montgomery is LA.

  6. Derik says:

    Looks like you had a blast. Bet that you are glad to be back in the ATX though.

  7. Monty Montana says:

    Just a quick question…Do you ever not have fun? I have never seen a photo without laughter or at least a HUGH smile in your face.

    Good for you girl…looks like life is good for you and “little chick”.

    Monty Montana

  8. J-rome says:


    intesting pose… haha

  9. One of the best meals I ever had shared a paper plate with a big chunk of boar meat fresh from Tec Nugent’s ranch in southern Michigan. I forget what species of wood he used to cook it over, but damn, that was good stuff!

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