I’m Sorry Governor, Were You Trying to Sleep?

So I’ve got some news. And an embarrassing story. But first, the news.

Those of you who reside outside of Texas probably already know that we are a pretty proud people here in the Lone Star State. Which is why I have been disappointed the past couple of years that the Drake Film Tour (aka the Film Tour Formerly Known as AEG) hasn’t had more of a presence in Texas. I sorta scratched the surface last year about bringing it to Austin, but ran out of steam upon hearing the words, “But you’ll have to take care of…”

Luckily my good friend Tosh Brown is not nearly as lazy as I am. Tosh shanghaied a few of us TX fly fishing zealots to pool our resources, buy a license from The Drake, and host the film tour here in Austin. Oh, it’s happening people! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our lunch meeting today. You can see how uptight our group is.


So our little band of merrymakers – with Tosh at the helm – has pulled together the logistics for what is bound to be a beer soaked, back-slapping, hooting & hollering, old fashioned throwdown of a good time. Texas style. Oh yeah, with some badass fly fishing documentaries. Can you make it?

The Drake Film Tour in Austin

Wednesday April 22

The Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar

5 pm – Beer, Banter & Buy Stuff

7 pm – Films

Tickets are available on the Drake Film Tour website

If you didn’t catch those details as they rolled past your screen, don’t worry. You will hear much more about it in the next few weeks. I am really excited about this.

Which brings me to my embarassing story…

About a week or so ago I was the last person boarding a plane that was headed to Dallas. As I honed in on my spot I was temporarily blinded by this incredible flash of light. Apparently someone’s sparkly gold cufflinks caught an edge with a ray of sunshine and proceeded to sear my retina. I stalled in the aisle for a moment as my vision came back into focus. 

tx state seal cufflinks

Wait a minute. Those cufflinks are the state seal of Texas.

Wait a minute. Those cufflinks are on Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.

Interesting…remaining composed, I took my place just slightly behind the Governor on the opposite side of the plane. And was instantly obsessed with the notion of inviting him to The Drake Film Tour.

Unfortunately I wasn’t getting any good body language. Either he was praying a lot or he had a terrible migraine because his eyes were closed and he was rubbing his forehead for awhile, until he took a catnap.

Shit. Nothing. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip me by! Tosh is flying Miles Nolte to Austin to sign books for the Drake film nite for heavens sakes. The least I could do is get the Governor there to welcome him. There was an aide traveling with Perry so I reeeeached over, tugged on his sleeve and introduced myself. The aide was super polite and I talked as LOUDLY as I could ALL ABOUT THE FILM TOUR, certain Perry would stop fake-sleeping and jump into this Drake conversation.

No go. The man didn’t flinch. I never got a clear shot the rest of the flight. We landed in Dallas but I still couldn’t get an angle or eye contact. The seatbelt sign went *ding*, people were gathering their carry-ons. I was losing ground. But wait. There was a delay with the gate agent who was supposed to meet the plane. Aha!

Quick like a gazelle I leapt across the aisle and wedged myself into the seats occupied by a very surprised – and very grumpy – older couple. I essentially stuck my fanny in this woman’s face, hoisted my body over the back of the Governor’s chair, reached my hand over to shake his and said, “Governor, I just want to thank you for your service to the great state of Texas!”

rick perry A bit shocked, he responded, “Well, thank you.”

And slightly bemused he added, “Who are you?”

Me: “Well I write a blog called Fly Fish Chick. Do you like to fly fish?”

Gov: “I do. But I don’t get to do it often enough.”

Me: “Well then Governor, I have got the perfect evening out for you! The perfect night for people who like to flyfish but don’t get to do it often enough.”

And then I launched an impassioned monologue about the Drake Film Tour and how it’s going to be good for the local fly fishing industry and will support the Austin economy and it’s a good cross section of outdoor enterprise and the creative arts and how we all know sportsmen make the best conservationists and we are just doing our best to make Texas proud on the national landscape of the fly fishing film industry. And I mean I went on and on and on. Like I was running for public office of Crazytown, USA.

So I may have laid it on just a tad thick. I don’t think the bitchy lady whose lap I was practically sitting in is going to buy a ticket anytime soon. A few people were rolling their eyes and snickering at me.

But you know what? When I finished my speech I got a “God Bless Texas!” from across the aisle, and a “Hell Yeah, I’ll Go!” from a few rows back. And the Governor thanked me profusely for my commitment to the great state of Texas and offered full support from his office as he instructed his aide to take note of my information.

So there you have it. The Drake Film Tour is coming to Austin. Two of the things I love most — Texas & Flyfishing — rolled up into one great evening in South Austin. Of course I have no idea if Governor Perry is really going to make it, but you bet your boots I will be there.

And I hope you will too.

36 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Governor, Were You Trying to Sleep?

  1. Hey Chick –

    I’m pretty sure the GOV is an ATM graduate. If he ends up turning us down for the event, just email him a shot of that hog.


  2. Ha Ha! You had me rolling around laughing. It seems like a great event you have planned, and if was going to be anywhere near Austin, or even Texas, I would come to!
    Also – I have to second Tosh’s suggestion :-)

  3. Good work grabbing the FFFT by the horns FFC. I have a feeling that your event will rival the benchmark just set in Boulder. I will inform our Austin based sales representative about your plans so he can lend a hand.

  4. FFC,
    Hope the film festival is a huge success — and that you “hooked” the governor into coming — had to laugh at your story — and I don’t think your “presentation” “spooked” off the Guv — hopefully he got your “drift” — sorry too early for such a bad play on words — we’ve got the the Drake festival up here in Ontario twice this year (March 21 in Toronto and April 17 in Burlington) — looking forward to that — but should be a great time in Austin — beer and Texas “charm” is definitely going to flow
    Tight Lines,

  5. ha! thanks all. glad my lucille ball-like moments in life entertain you.

    el pescador — thanks for spreading the word for us. every little bit of support makes a difference. we just want to have a good turnout, good energy and support the folks who are doing all the heavy lifting in this industry

    and just to be clear. do yall want me to send the gov the hog pic in a Godfather-bloody-horses-head sorta way? An offer he can’t refuse, so to speak?

    just want to clarify the tone yall are aiming for

  6. There’s a political joke and an Aggie joke somewhere in the governor following the hog . . .

  7. el general — you’re killing me. that’s good comedy right there

    joe — I am thrilled that we are helping you fight The Cubicle Blues. I just bought 2 tickets, printed them out and taped them next to my computer monitor. see you at the show!

  8. OK, I have been wondering all morning what you were doing on the state airplane. If it wasn’t a state plane then he was hiding his face in shame for traveling “down”.

  9. LOL fishing jones. I’m actually pretty lucky I wasn’t tazed. But I am probably on some super secret ‘Watch’ list now

    Mike, not only was he traveling on good ole AA, he was flying COACH. hey, travel with the pedestrians and you open yourself up to the crazy causes of anyone with a blog

  10. Chick,

    Your dedication to the cause of the FFFT is outstanding, rivaled only by your ability to insinuate yourself into just about any situation with just enough grace and charm to pull it off.

    I am really excited to come down for the film showing in Austin. We had a pretty good turnout here in Bozeman the other night but I’m confident Austin can top it. I’ve never been to the great state of Texas and I’m looking forward to some good beer, great company and warm sunshine.

    See you all there.

    Miles Nolte

  11. fly fish chick – please don’t tell me you’re fighting the same “Dell Blues” that I am, that would be a shame….Actually it could be cool. Someone to actually talk with here about fly fishing would be a dream….

  12. Sounds great! My calendar is marked and I’ll be there. You or Banning should post a notice on GRTU, too.

    Was Rick really wearing those cufflinks? Wow! :-)

  13. well I didn’t have my jeweler’s loop so I can’t be certain they were the exact same cufflinks, but yes, he was wearing gold tx cufflinks

    THRILLED you’re on board for the show. stay tuned for an update with GRTU!!

  14. Hope he shows. I’ll wear my Kinky Friedman for Governor shirt just in case.

    At least Gov’nor Goodhair was flying commercial.

  15. HMmmmm!

    When I get a few minutes I will have to back up and determine what all this fuss is about. (tomorrow)

  16. Next thing you know, the Guvnah will be saying he caught that hog on a 5wt.

    Just bought 6 tickets to the Film show. Thanks for telling us about it, FFC.

  17. Better get those tickets fast. I heard there were a bunch of folks planning on coming down from Dallas.

    Hopefully they will go back after the movie is over.

  18. I actually did hear that a group from Dallas is renting a disco party bus to come down for the show!! is that true?? this is going to be so fun….I am going to get a few more tickets.

  19. FFChick,

    The buzz is spreading about The Tour. Couple of our customers got the word through your blog.

    Keep it up!


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  21. I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been utilizing? I’m experiencing some small security problems with my latest blog and I would like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

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