Basketball Trash Talk and Angling Ass Kissing

beat dook I’ve said it before and I will say it again: There is nothing ‘healthy’ about the rivalry between Carolina and Duke. Ooh, I hope you weren’t rooting for the losers yesterday.

It was a great afternoon for college basketball fans. Little Chick and I joined the Austin Carolina Club at The Tavern to cheer my Tarheels on to victory. It was a nerve wracking experience, with Dook making a run at our 10-point lead a little late in the game for my frayed nerves. But Little Chick was waving her UNC flag and I was working my two hats in rotation until we found the superstitious combination that did the trick.

It felt great to see our seniors play their last game in the Dean Dome against Dook, beating them for the second time in the regular season.

Apparently our embittered ACC basketball rivalry caught the attention of our local newspaper, as Austin Amercain Statesman photographer Larry Kolvoord was snapping pictures of us as we cheered and cussed our hearts out. Wait a minute. Someone from the Statesman was here? I wonder if he’d heard that the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour was coming to Austin!!

I was not about to let an opportunity like this pass me by. Fortuitously, coverage of the game suspended for a TV timeout so I knew it was my chance to pounce on poor Larry. He was patient and seemed intrigued as I told him all about the documentary films and how the evening will support our local fly fishing industry.

He took notes and promised to pitch the story idea to a colleague at the Statesman. I’m sure Larry can read his own handwriting, but just to be certain I snatched his little photojournalist notepad out of his hand and used his pen to write the url down very clearly:

So it was a good afternoon. The Tarheels won a great game. And I had yet another opportunity to accost someone about the Austin Fly Fishing Film Tour. One of two things is bound to occur…I am either going to sell every ticket to this show or wind up with a wake of restraining orders.

Or both.

Now, have you bought your tickets yet? Because once this story hits the AP wire, tickets are going to sell like hotcakes. And I’d really like to see each and every one of you at the show – even you Duke fans. Don’t worry, I will wave a white flag for the night of April 22nd.

Easy for me to say since we kicked your butt yesterday…ha!

Sorry!! Heavens, I can’t help myself. But that was the last of the trash talk, I promise. Everyone is welcome at the Austin Fly Film Show on April 22. Tarheels, Blue Devils, Longhorns and Aggies. Freshwater Fisherman and Saltwater Anglers, the Farmers and the Cowmen. We’re all going to get along on April 22nd.

So will you please go ahead and buy your ticket so I can shut my mouth and keep out of trouble between now and then?

16 Responses to “Basketball Trash Talk and Angling Ass Kissing”
  1. John LeJeune says:

    I be viewing the Film Tour This Sunday in Haverhill, Massachusettes. C’mon up here FFC if you want a preview!

  2. jeff says:

    Big dittos on the Tar Heel love, Chick! And for the Austin Carolina Club and The Tavern…fond memories there. It was sure great seeing this gang go out with a win, especially considering how unheralded they were coming in 4.5 years ago.

    Not so much on the fly-fishin movie. I’m sure it’s great and all, but ain’t that a little like needin’ to go to Round Rock at 4PM and calling everyone you know, and saying, “Go get in your car and get in front of me on MoPac”? Don’t I already have enough dingbats between me and the fish?

    Ain’t sayin’…just sayin’…

  3. john — hope you enjoy the show! I have heard great reports from other stops on the tour

    jeff — I was tracking on the tarheel love, but you lost me with the fishing-mopac reference. sounds like we won’t see you at the FFFT? either way, thanks for reading the blog, don’t be a stranger. and cheer hard for those tarheels in the tournament!!

  4. jeff says:

    You WOULD certainly see me there, if’n I still resided in AusTex. As I have come home to the Old North State, though, that might be a haul for to catch a movie.

    Far as that’s concerned, if’n your pals come show it around here (the flyfishin movie, that is), I’ll trade them American currency for a seat token, glady.

    I just don’t think we ought to be telling so many folks how much fun it is (fly-fishing, that is).

    On another Austin note, an old pal of mine will be performing during SouthBySo-What, and depending on when you were in Chapel Hill, you may have been a fan. Perhaps you’d have known The Fabulous Knobs, The Woods, Georgia Satellites, TA and The Olympic Ass-Kicking Team? Didn’t want to clutter your comments with off-topic stuff, but didn’t know how to mention it otherwise.

    My emailage is available thru my blog, if’n you’d like more info. Keep up the great work!

  5. jeff says:

    Grrr. Gladly is spelled G-L-A-D-L-Y.

  6. Coach K says:

    We’ll meet again in the ACC tournament final. Hopefully Michael Jordan won’t be in the stands rooting the tarheels to victory this time.

  7. Why? You want him on the court instead?

    If anyone could finagle a comeback, it’d be MJ

  8. Bobby Hurley says:

    I think what my beloved college basketball coach from 1989-93 was trying to say was…we don’t need #23 in the building next time they play each other. Bad Karma for the Blue Devils and extra motivation for the Heels.


    PS: Tell Rick Fox HI.

  9. Dear Boobby

    Now you are really making me laugh. you think I care about your “motivational” issues or blue devil karma? look at your mascot. devils? I think you’re responsible for your own bad karma

    sorry you’re so scared!!

  10. topper says:

    Chick, I understand all too well what jeff is saying.
    As a matter of fact, he’s behind me right now.

    Way too many people, and not enough water.

    Got my tickets!!!

  11. I hear ya Topper.

    nevertheless, I am grateful you are going to make it to the show!! Thanks for getting those tickets early….cheers~

  12. Shane Battier says:

    Having french ancestory in my blood it should be known that the blue devil mascot is not derived from a royal colored underworld. The mascot is actually a tribute to a group of young frenchmen in their country’s military, that defended the allied powers in World War I, called the “les Diables Bleus.” In a campus wide vote Blue Devils was elected for patriotic and military reasons rather than religious beliefs.

    Cameron Indoor Fo’ Life,

    PS: I wish T-Mac wasn’t hurt.

  13. jeff says:

    Shane/aka Booby/aka Coach Shulaffski-

    How do you recognize someone in the “French Military”?

    Sun-burned armpits.

    I think it’s hilarious that dookie fans would define themselves that way. “Defended the allied powers…” Indeed, sir! You crack me up. Effin’ classic. I can’t stop laughing.

    That’s almost as funny as seeing duke fans “practicing” their floor-slap.

  14. Kentucky Jim says:

    Hmmm. Seems to me that “Lewvul” isn’t getting proper recognition in this post.

  15. your detailed note on the event is quite impressive…a light description makes the reader happy and i really want more of your posts ;)

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