Keen on Bass

Robert Earl Keen sings about bass. Webb Pierce sings about fillin’ it up to the brim.

Hmmm…Bass & Bream. Well, I am singing about both here in South Alabama!

As it turns out, the Professor’s tennis game served up a gem of a fishing opportunity for us. A friend from his tennis team, nicknamed Hammer for his vicious overhead shot that is known to settle a match in the blink of an eye, was gracious enough to invite us out to his home yesterday. His house is on a beautiful piece of property with an underground spring that feeds directly into a small lake.


The fish in this lake rarely see fisherman and apparently — as we learned firsthand — they are starved for anything that looks like a small yellow rubber-legged popper or an olive green streamer! We spent the afternoon getting the smell of fish on our hands and getting the stink off a whole host of other things. Not only did we break in a new flyrod, some new pliers and a new fishing shirt, I caught my first fish in 2009, my first bream and my very first largemouth bass.

brm1  brm-close  bass-one

I am having a love affair with bass. Granted mine weren’t five-pounds but now I get why Robert Earl Keen says, “Lord Have Mercy, It’s a Five Pound Bass!” It sure was fun to catch those runnin’ jumpin’ bass on a flyrod.

I caught a few more bream and a few more bass, the Professor caught a crappie and several bass. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday and was a much needed reunion with a flyrod and some fish.

profbass  lastbass

We celebrated afterwards with Hammer and his wife, and although it would have been poetic to say, “Fill it up to the Brim“, I thought it more appropriate to toast my first bass with a cold Budweiser. In a bottle.

kimprof  with-kim  bud

Cheers to my first fish of ’09 and many thanks to Hammer & his wife for a wonderful afternoon on the water.

16 Responses to “Keen on Bass”
  1. Monty Montana says:





  2. Launcher says:



  3. topper says:

    Bud & 1st LMB??!!
    You do understand that we do read this in Austin?!
    Looks great!

  4. BigCliff says:

    Ease up y’all- a Bud every now and then is good for ya and helps you appreciate the Real Ale stuff when you get home.

    Chick, take heed from the Prof on how to grab a bass. Bottom of the jaw, thumb goes slightly in the mouth. Otherwise, good show.

    And yes, there’s a couple bass around here. Check out my Gray day on the Medina report on the Drake.

  5. haha!! hey, thanks for the air cover Big Cliff. am off to check out your medina report right now…

    meanwhile you should have seen the complete debacle on me trying to hold the first bass. you’ve heard of people misusing a trout set on a bonefish? well….I was trying to use the trout grip on the bass. no bueno. much to learn here. professor didn’t get his nickname on accident

    and I’m pretty open to most things, however I can go ahead and assure each & everyone of you….becoming a beer snob is not one of them. won’t hear any apologies from me on a bud with a bass!

  6. What a great way to kick of the season

  7. itchy dog says:

    Nothin worse than beer snobs. Those that thumb their noses at a cold Bud probably only fish dries, too ; )

    Pass the Bud and a woolly bugger.

  8. Clif says:

    Welcome to the club.

  9. Dash says:

    That’s definitely some of the most fun fishing you can have. I can’t believe you had never done it before. I grew up catching bluegill and bass on a popping bug and those are still some of my fondest memories. I hope you got to eat some of that fish, too. To me there’s nothing tastier than fried bream and sac-au-lait (white crappie). And while I’d prefer to wash it down with a Shiner, I’d never turn down a cold Bud. Cheers!

  10. Derik says:

    That is what I like to see. I love, and I mean love me some LMB on the fly. Ol Lady Bird has some big girls hanging out, they will make you forget about trout for awhile. I leave you all with a pic of a nice Lady bird gill.

  11. Oatka says:

    Mmmmmm…that’s delicious bass!

  12. Jim@FFO says:

    The best fun is catching a 5″ sunfish and while your pulling it to the yak, the tip disappears into the water when that five pounder takes the sunfish, fly and line under a log. Sometimes you get back a sunfish with a 6″ bite radius on it. Sometimes the fly hooks the bass and it’s on. Wash, rinse and repeat with Muskie and Pike. Good times.
    Always keep a few longneck Buds around for just such a moment.
    Here’s a couple pics. The trout net was the only thing I had to get him close.

  13. Derik says:

    This ones from yesterday right after I read thi i could not resist hitting the water.

  14. DSFlyman says:

    Your referencing Webb Pierce makes you the coolest chick I know (of). As if the who fly fishing fanaticism wasn’t enough. : )

  15. Love the pix Jim@FFO. And yours too Derik — excellent that you were able to get on the water yesterday

    DSFlyman…..I looooove Webb Pierce. after all he was “King of the Honky Tonk”!! some of my favorite webb pierce tunes that I have listened to many many times on the scenic road alongside the missouri river:

    * wondering
    * slowly
    * you’re not mine anymore
    * there stands the glass (hence the post reference!)

  16. A great way to spend the holiday……….I tried it once and I must admit I’m loving… great blog. Thanks for sharing

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