Jalapeno Poppers Are Practically Kryptonite

The Downfall of My Productivity I had this brilliant idea to roam around Austin with a video camera during South By Southwest, putting up FFFT posters while trying to catch a music celeb who might give us a little video testimonial to help promote the show.

I thought I could film them saying something like, “When SXSW wraps up, pretty much the only thing I will have to live for is the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Thank heavens a brilliant group of people had the foresight to bring the show to Austin. It’s coming Wednesday April 22, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. In fact, where’s my iphone? I want to buy my ticket right now!

I know it’s hard to believe, but even a solid, air-tight plan such as this was actually derailed at the mere mention of a boatride and deep-fried delicacies.

I am, in fact, afraid to report that I was lured away from my assignment. Admittedly, my resolve had already been weakened since my previous attempt at securing a celebrity endorsement was a complete bust. (Let’s just say the Governor is not returning my phone calls. What’s up with that, anyway?)

P3210154So instead of beating the street and hanging up posters all over town, I spent Saturday cruising around Lake Austin and indulging in beer, a burger, and all sorts of fried food at Ski Shores. Nothing inspires complete and utter procrastination like a gorgeous TX Hill Country day and a little red basket of stuffed jalapeño poppers.

I simply couldn’t resist. Good call though, wouldn’t you say?


17 Responses to “Jalapeno Poppers Are Practically Kryptonite”
  1. Tosh says:

    You’re fired.

  2. Tosh says:

    Not fried (like a jalapeno)…


  3. Alabama flygirl says:

    Rest assured…you made the right call! Fried food and a boat ride on a beautiful TX day? How could you possibly be expected to turn that down?

    Enjoyed the spring creek series!

  4. k8 says:

    Fly Fish Chick! I feel what you’re putting down! I thought about jalepeno poppers ALL afternoon yesterday on the river! We stopped by the merc to get some on our way home and they were all out!:( so I had to settle for chicken strips!!!
    You made a most excellent choice!

  5. Redbeard says:

    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot. Can’t say that I blame you. Did you match the hatch?

    Is your next post going to be titled “Ring of Fire” describing the day-after…?

    At least link to Ski Shores’ site:

  6. Donger Need FOOD says:

    I like jallypeeno poppers

  7. Jack Flack (yes, my name rhymes) says:

    Is Tosh your boss?

  8. ConeDaddy says:

    Everybody needs some orange cones!!!!

  9. Spa Burgers says:

    Fried = bueno

  10. Launcher says:

    Well ok, I guess, I don’t know how to begin this. As usual I found it very interesting as I was reading down through your post and then realized hey, there’s a video. Oh boy, now there will actually be a voice to associate with the visual image. Boy was I dissapointed. Very much like watching a 275 lb. linebacker type muscle up to the bar and say in a squeaky little voice “please, may I please have a light beer please?” You see I had this expectation that you being from Great State of Texas, home of the Alamo and all, would have this long drawn out Texan Belle drawl going on. One that would take like, 10 minutes to say anything. If I could even understand it all the first time through. Boy was I dissapointed. Heck hey, you could be from Milwaukee.
    Oh well, what I heard was very sweet and the message well taken. The tour comes to Milwaukee on April 7th. We will try to be there.
    Took the cover off my boat Sunday. Then I put it back on. It is getting wet today though sitting on it’s trailer out in the driveway:(
    Sorry about your job:(

    Tosh,,, (cupkakes)

  11. Oh Tosh can’t fire me. I think I’m under contract. But some Drake FFFT cupcakes are a great idea! maybe I could sell some before the show

    Meanwhile….the posters are live. out in the world. Little Chick and I spent the afternoon putting them all around Austin. So all you ATXers do me a favor and make sure no one posts OVER them. It’s combat on those community bulletin boards. So if you see one I’ve posted take a picture and send it!!

  12. Monty Montana says:

    Launcher, Buddy, pay attention…drink 2 shots of Don Edurado, (no lin for me please) and back it up with a cule of long necks and FFC’s voice, is as smooth a maple sugar, long, slow, and sweet. Texas drawl like you have never heard.

    Try it, you love it.

    Monty Montana…..just coverin the girls back.(she ain’t from Texas, dude)

  13. Monty Montana says:

    oops got carried away…should read no lime for me.

  14. Launcher says:


    Howevr everone is fnny

  15. Richard says:

    Hey, I just attended the Salt Lake City showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour last night. Great show and great prizes. They gave away a new Z-axis and some other cool stuff. Some really good fish porn. Be sure to attend….

  16. itchy dog says:

    Trading your seat in a Clack for a Ski Nautique seems like an innocent enough endeavor. But just for a day.

  17. Philosopher says:

    Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

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