About To Be Exhumed

ex-hume — (verb) to revive or restore after neglect or a period of forgetting; to bring to light. (Oh yeah, and it also has that other creepy meaning…something about digging up a buried body.)

IMG_3121 Another year has eeked along and now it is finally here: my annual trip to Exuma with my parents. Of course that makes it sound like I have been doing this trip for eons, when in reality it is my parents that have been doing this trip for eons, not me. I finally just wised up about two or three years ago and invited myself to tag along.

So it’s time to exhume the soul with some Exuma fishing. Time to scrape away the layers of sediment that have settled throughout the winter months and start digging for bones – hungry bones, big bones, schooling bones. Hopefully we can bring some of those grey ghosts to the surface and see if they show up on camera.

I head out tomorrow morning, so if it’s a little quiet in here for the next week or so, don’t panic. No need to go all CSI on me and call in the forensics team. I will be back with stories and pictures and at the very least an empty bottle of Kalik that you can dust for my prints. (Spoiler Alert: I bet you find ‘em there.)

So just to get us all in the Exuma mood I resurrected this montage that has been buried in the FFC archives since last year’s trip. Take care & I will catch you on the flipside!


SIDE NOTE: For those of you deathgrind music fans who accidentally found this post while searching on Google for the band EXHUMED…Sorry!

6 thoughts on “About To Be Exhumed

  1. Awesome! I remember that video from last year – I’m glad you reposted it. Have a great time and catch lots of bones!

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