Sometimes Everything Just Seems to Kalik



11 Responses to “Sometimes Everything Just Seems to Kalik”
  1. Dash says:

    Awesome! Both pics show that you had a good time. Welcome home.

  2. Yep, I have to agree, both pics say good fish, good drinks.
    Tight lines

  3. Alex S. Kitchens says:

    Kalik, woo-woos or bushwhackers.Don’t throw your loop to wide. Catching our breath in Tennessee on the cumberland plateau and ten back to Fl to search for the elusive Permitt.

  4. Rodster says:

    There’s only 21 empty bottles in the Kalik box. Where’s the other three?

  5. Monty Montana says:

    Rodster…did you not see the grin on her face?

    AH…. that smile ….and she can write and cook and bake and fish.Oh and forgot she owns a drift boat.

    Monty…(nice fish by the way, just noticed it)

  6. Launcher says:

    I can’t wait for the video!!

  7. Rodster says:

    Monty – - I know she can write, that’s the reason I have her blog bookmarked. But I never knew she could cook and owns a drift boat! A man can’t have enough fishing buddies like that. Welcome back Fly Fish Buddy! Best fishes, Rodster

  8. Tom Izzo says:

    Well Done! Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your trip and beating UNC tonight in Detroit.

    Tom to-da-Izzo

  9. Launcher says:

    Please send a picture of the Drift Boat.

  10. Chick:

    Great pics! I’m living vicariously through you right now. Right now I’m tying up a mess of green asses and elk hair caddis for the ryancophila invasion this weekend in AR. Alas, no Kalik here, so I’ll settle for domestic, light and cold, but I’ll have my share memorial day weekend for my annual bonefishing/permit/tarpon excursion to the Keys…
    Let’s light this shit up!

    Tight Lines,

  11. Tim Reed says:

    It was great to see your video! Have a family home on Exuma, need to get back soon, been a couple years. Have fished there for almost twenty-five years. Great fishing, beer and the people are wonderful. With my last child in college I hope to spend much more time on island in the years to come! I see you have a box of Kalik Gold. Nice kick!!!

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