Color Me Blue

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6 Responses to “Color Me Blue”
  1. Carolina winning pushed me out of the winners circle and $800 bucks in my hoops pool. I’m happy for you though, really.

    (The other two photos are top notch.)

  2. Monty Montana says:

    don’t even tell me you thought “that” was a ballgame.

  3. “That” was a championship. Trust me, I know what they look like. We’ve won them before.

  4. JacksonHoleHeel says:

    GO HEELS!! Huge win for the seniors that will now leave as champions. (and the juniors, Ty and Wayne that will no doubt head to the next level too).

  5. JHH — I hear ya! go heels. thanks for the comment — troutfishing tarheels are always welcome here at FFC!!

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