Hmm, How Do I Say This Politely?


Heavens, I am sooo sorry. How rude of me. I do not know what came over me.

I suppose it was the sweet sweet smell of victory because as it turns out….I am kicking your ass!

That’s right. You heard me. I am in the lead, poised for glory, drafting my acceptance speech as we speak.

What’s that? You don’t know what I’m talking about? C’mon now, don’t play me like that. But….on the off chance you actually have no idea, I suppose I could take a moment to explain.

dropcover_sm You see, a few weeks ago esteemed fly-fishing guide turned celebrity fly-fishing author Miles Nolte released his first book, The Alaska Chronicles. If you have not already ordered your copy, I implore you….run don’t walk. This is your chance to be on the cutting edge of the latest cult literary sensation.

In his destined-to-be-epic book, Miles outlines his summer as a fishing guide in Alaska. Of course there are euphoric accounts of giant rainbows, dry fly hatches and sockeye madness, but the real magic is his unabashed, unpretentious story of survival.

Surviving the elements is impressive in its own right – nature, mosquitoes, bears. But the substantive tale of Miles’ endurance is much more gritty and entertaining: it’s about surviving boats that refuse to cooperate, backaches, composting toilets, rookie guides, bad clients, good clients, carpentry projects, and not the least of all, one’s own thoughts that apparently tend to ferment in the still of the night in a Weatherport tent.

This book is raw, funny, hard, inspiring and essential. No doubt it will serve as a badge of honor on fly-fishers’ bookshelves for generations to come.

I am also a huge fan of Tosh Brown who founded Departure Publising and made this book a reality for the world to experience. But before you start to pat me on the back for being such a loyal supporter of both Miles & Tosh, you should know there’s something in it for me.

You see Tosh has announced a CONTEST to celebrate the launch of this book. Basically, you buy the book, send in a picture of your copy of Alaska Chronicles in the most random, exotic, hysterical and/or dramatic setting possible. If you win, Tosh is going to give you a TFO Flyrod.

I know! A free flyrod!

Which brings me full circle to my over-the-top gloating, because as you can see, I am already winning:


That said, it’s kinda lonely here at the top. The taste of victory is losing its luster since no one else has actually entered, and I need some competition. So tarry not! Buy your book, devour it cover to cover, and get in the game!

Did I mention you could win a FREE FLYROD?

Congratulations to Miles & Tosh for a badass literary endeavor. And may the best person win the flyrod.

Game on.

22 Responses to “Hmm, How Do I Say This Politely?”
  1. Kara Griffin says:

    Okay Tine….
    You are funny as SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Kara! clearly I have no shame when I am excited about something — and I am excited about this book

  3. Dash says:

    Ordered! Thanks for the tip. See you on Wednesday.

  4. Excellent, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book. Miles is flying in from Bozeman for the film show next week. So if you want your copy signed, bring it to the Alamo! see you Wed….

  5. Shoot, I wish I knew about this on Tuesday.

  6. Fishing Jones: awwwww, that’s too bad. I wish I could say I exercised some master gamesmanship on you, but alas, just dumb luck. I don’t even think I knew about the contest on Tuesday.

    I’m not worried about you though, you’re still a contender. you travel like a manaic and have all of NYC as a backdrop.

  7. There’s a lot of excitement about your kissing booth at the film show! great way and good cause to raise money for Trout Unlimited. I’m bringing my stack of $1 bills.

  8. BigCliff says:

    NYC? Hello? Austin has much better scenery, and a much better chance of photo-prettying sunlight.

    I wonder if i can get a picture of my daughter “reading” it while I’m changing her poopy diaper. That’s got to be rod-winning material.

  9. Monty Montana says:

    I would show my picture (winning picture I might add) but it would just deflate your bubble before the show, and I’m just to nice a guy to do that so I’ll just try and explain it.

    No clothes,(white shoes and long black socks) parachute, clear blue sky, and one seriously over weight balding white guy who needs a tan.

    Monty Montana ,,,,,,,,,Hahahahaha got cha

  10. DanC says:

    Ordered…bringing it fishing with me at Spruce Creek, PA in three weeks and will get some pics with the guides there…will no way come as close as the cool pic you took in the Exhumas but might get an honorable mention. Hope you and Little Chick are doing well!

  11. Big Cliff — you are in the running with that plan. can you imagine? the words of GAPER (aka Miles Nolte) shaping the young brains of little newborn babies everywhere

    Monty — you got me, buddy! I hope a copy of the book was also in that hypothetical picture. otherwise, things may have just gotten a little creepy

    DanC — have fun on your PA trip! come back with fish and AK Chronicle pictures galore. I’m sure you can creative direct an award-winning photo op

    it appears the field is wide open Ladies & Gents! this could get exciting. I’m not worried though, I have a deep bench:

  12. Rodster says:

    @ Meat w/o Feet – - There’s a FFC Kissing Booth! More importantly, is there a pay pal hotline available for advanced immediate tickets or is it cash only? Never mind, I’m sure they’re sold out by now. Dammmmm! Anyway, I’ve got the winning photo op with the Alaska Chronicles and I would like to place my order at this time with Tosh for a nice little 4 weight. This will save all the losers further embarrassment.

  13. Derik says:

    They should just send you the rod now. TFO’s rock. Lifetime warranty. I just got my 8wt replaced last week. Good pic Chick.

  14. Richard says:

    I remember anticipating the next post by Gaper when he started posting on the Drake. Just received my book on Tuesday, should be done by tomorrow night. The best fly fishing book ever written. Step aside Geriech.

    My dog, THE book, and a fish. Should have that rod shipped to my house pronto.

  15. Jimmy says:

    good try amatuers…wait until Tosh gets my pic! I wonder it TFO will put my name on the rod at no charge?

  16. Well, the TFO rod is a nice marketing touch, but frankly you sold me on the review. I look forward to it.

  17. Dash says:

    My copy came in yesterday (fast delivery) and I started reading it last night. It’s hard to put down. At this rate, I’ll have it read by the end of the week.

  18. chaveecha says:

    Nice pic, but Oregon will answer! Just got my copy, will be swinging for spring kings all weekend, book in hand. We can’t all be jet-setters, but pounding it out on the public water’s gotta count for something…love your blog.

  19. chaveecha:

    Nice pic, but Oregon will answer! Just got my copy, will be swinging for spring kings all weekend, book in hand. We can’t all be jet-setters, but pounding it out on the public water’s gotta count for something…love your blog.

    Right on! can’t wait to see pix, please share with the rest of the class. and best of luck on the water. Thanks for reading the blog!!….gratefully, FFC

  20. Dan says:

    Well, I bought and read a copy of The Alaska Chronicles and enjoyed it…forgot to take a picture of the book in a unique place, but I just bequeathed it to a fishing guide at Spruce Creek, PA to read and pass the word…does that count?!?!

  21. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! definitely karma points for spreading the word. hopefully your guide friend will enjoy it too!

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