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After my 2008 trip to Exuma I published a blogpost titled, “Is That A Bonefish In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?”

Now if there actually were an FFC legal team looking over my shoulder (ha!) I am pretty sure they would counsel me sternly to state that that I do not, under any circumstance, endorse putting a bonefish in one’s pocket. You dumbass.

Okay, so I added the dumbass part myself, but hopefully we all know that it is, in fact, not a wise move to put a bonefish (ie, shark bait) in your pocket when you’re fishing out on the flats.

Unless…and I stress that this is a very unique circumstance….unless you are fishing with these super special Patagonia Shark Proof Pants! Now I rarely write gear reviews but this experience begs a glowing endorsement for some life saving pants.

You see on the very first morning of our recent Exuma fishing trip we dropped my dad out on a flat to wade on his own. We have the drill down to a science, leaving him with a walkie talkie in case he needs to reach us. Call me crazy, but don’t you think a shark attack seems like a fairly good excuse to pull out the radio and give us a Breaker Breaker 1-9?

We never heard from him so we decided to check in. All was fine, he was seeing lots of fish. An hour or so later we pull up to find my dad grinning ear-to-ear. Upon closer review we noticed that the pocket of his pants was torn and shredded. Our initial guess was he got tangled in the mangroves?


Oh no. Apparently a lemon shark pounced on him while he was trying to release a bonefish! The shark missed the fish by about a foot and somehow managed to get nothing but a mouthful of Patagonia pocket, barely scratching my dad’s leg.

Chalk it up to some good mojo pants or maybe just a young, puppy-like shark with bad aim, but either way he is pretty darn lucky.

Unfortunately the magical Patagonia Shark Proof pants are an old style and I don’t even think you can get them any longer. (See how lame I am at gear reviews?) So you might as well just heed the warning of my fake lawyers…No bonefish in the pockets, people. Got it?


12 Responses to “From The FFC Legal Department”
  1. joey says:

    two things:

    1) i just got back from south andros, and one of our guides told us to lift the fish completely out of the water and then grab the fish, exactly for that reason. even on bigger fish (5 pounds+), he said better to break the tippet than get your hand bitten off by a shark. we had sharks following behind our mud trails all the time while wading.

    2) send the pants back to patagonia, sometimes they will just replace it with new stuff, you never know.

  2. are you kidding? my dad has those pants framed in his office!

    but good advice from the guides on releasing fish, to be sure.

  3. danny says:

    sweet story. when i used to surf we would see sharks around and it didn’t bother me much; however, when wading the flats, it scares the hell outta me. also, see ya at the film festival. oh, do you know anyone that needs a ticket? parker won’t come down, as he acts like he has a real job, so i gotta unload a ticket.

  4. tomorrow nite is going to be great. I hope you will be there for the preparty which starts at 5 — alamo is blocking off a section outdoors for us

    definitely know someone looking for a ticket. I will email you…see you tomorrow nite!

  5. danny says:

    i will definitely be there for some preparty action. see ya there!

  6. Capt.John says:

    Very cool, nasty little bugger ;) ….I’ll keep the advice with me as I’m headed there (exuma May 1st :) …can’t wait to stretch the 8wt.

  7. MikeO says:

    Great piece FFC!!! And I guess it’s fair to say that your Dad would never put a bonefish in his pocket…not now any way!!!!! Seriously very cool as usual!!!!

  8. El Pescador says:

    If I could get a better look at the pants I might be able to identify them. Who knows, we may still make them (or something like them). Send me an email with pix or look inside the pants and tell me what it says on the garment tags (if they are still readable)……and thanks for not returning them.

  9. BigCliff says:

    Outside? Glad my fat self grabbed shorts when I left the house. Heading out soon!

    I’m betting the pants are the Tropical Flats model, or the GiII. Pretty sure the Island Hopper basically replaced the TF, and the GiII is still available. (used to sell the stuff)

  10. wow glad everyone turned out ok. He can hang onto the pants and always have a great story to tell. You can change up the story from being a lemon shark to a great white. :)

  11. Pet Snakes says:

    Very interesting post, I love finding a good quality blog thats not full of rubbish. I would love to do a link exchange.

  12. Jay Behrle says:

    Good morning,
    I didn’t how to reach you other than commenting on this posting! I know you said you don’t normally do gear reviews, but I make jewelry using fishing lure components and thought maybe you’d want to comment on the pieces for your readers or put up my link somewhere on my blog!

    Thanks in advance,

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