It Was A Stone Groove

Last night we brought the Film Tour to Texas in vintage South-Austin-style. And man, did we have a big time.

We’ve been sold out since last week. People have been clamoring for tickets, calling the Drake and practically scalping & trading online. The beer was cold and started flowing early. The weather was gorgeous so the Alamo closed off the nearby street and the pre-party vendor brigade turned into quite the block party. The films rocked, the crowd was into it and the evening went by all too fast.

departuretable I am so grateful to everyone who came, to the sponsors and the door prize donors, and to the Alamo Drafthouse. Special thanks to Tosh Brown for serving as our fearless leader in pulling all this together. He flew Miles Nolte in from Montana to sign copies of The Alaska Chronicles and I have to say there was much fanfare for Gaper’s arrival. Everyone was excited to welcome him to Texas.

I was delighted to offer Miles a place to crash at my house, although at 2 am after many many celebratory beers at The Horseshoe Lounge I can’t imagine what he must have thought when he saw the explosion of pink in my “guest” room. Oh you yeah, you guessed it. Miles had to sleep in Little Chick’s room:


Now you may recall my effort in getting the Governor’s support for this show. Gutless Wonder never called me back. So then a few weeks later I was on another airplane, this time with freakshow localebrity, The Lizard Man. I thought for sure he would want to be a part of my marketing campaign for the show. But he wouldn’t return my calls or emails.

¿Cuál es el problema? I am being snubbed by the Lizard Man? Are you kidding me?

I was feeling mildly dejected in my effort to add localebrity buzz. So you can imagine my delight when I was driving down the street and saw Leslie, Austin’s most famous homeless person and the unofficial spokesperson for the KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD campaign. Lo and behold Leslie was thrilled to endorse the Austin Film Show! So a big thanks goes out to my new friend Leslie Cochran.

I know all the other cities are having really successful film shows as well, but I think it’s safe to say that Austin is the only stop on the tour with Leslie Cochran as the opening the act.

Brace yourself for the preview we aired at the show last night:


22 thoughts on “It Was A Stone Groove

  1. Nice endorsement film. I heard the show was stellar. Fantastic job to all involved, even Little Chick for donating her room to the cause. Share more pix and stories from the night as time permits.

  2. It was an awesome show. Y’all did a great job. I got my copy of The Alaskan Chronicles signed by Miles on the spot with the advice “Never guide in Alaska”. LOL. I am looking forward to diving into the book this weekend.

    I loved the opening photo montage…don’t know which theater you were in (I was in team pink) but local fish guru Joe Robinson got a resounding round of applause when his pic showed up on screen. Very cool to see pics of you, Ted, Banning, etc. up there. Y’all did it right.

    Only 364 more days till next time!

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  4. Looks to me like Leslie Cochran needs to work on his casting form. I liked his outfit. I would not wear it but this is Austin.

  5. Twas stellar indeed.

    Highlight of that intro sequence was right after when somebody in back hollered out at Tosh “HE SAT IN YOUR TRUCK!”

  6. He did indeed. And right after the video shoot I drove straight to Home Depot for a wire scrub brush and a 55-gallon drum of ass solvent.

    Thanks to all attendees, sponsors, and the staff at The Alamo. It was a great evening.

  7. Wow! Even with the “Brace yourself” warning, I wasn’t quite ready for that! Glad the event turned out good…and Tosh didn’t really fire you a few weeks back!

  8. One thing I thought I’d never see is Leslie with a fly rod. My eyes are still recovering from that one. Wow!

    Fantastic show! Well done – I can’t wait until next year.

  9. I think your governor is a wee bit busy studying the rules of recession from the country to take part in your film tour, but congrats anyway!

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  11. Just for the record, I would have been happy to do something with you but I never got any calls or email. In fact, I only even saw this post as the result of a google stats report.

  12. Lizardman! I’m so blue you didn’t get my email. I left a comment on your blog too. Thanks for commenting here at FFC. I will check out your schedule — next time you have something in Austin I will come and introduce myself. Perhaps there will be something in the future for us to collaborate on!!?? Cheers~

  13. I am catchin’up quick Chick about you… starting to see how all this connects to Drake, lizzard man and the guv, great props… seems a smaller world thanks to the Web…never would have thought you to be a promoter. Good thing I have the Col. to protect me…Drake…I have seen much of Will Benson on Drake…thanks for your blog..enjoy reading it…

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