Red Drum Roll, Please…

Ta-da-da-duh! It is with great fanfare that I announce some very exciting news. I have caught my first redfish. And for my next performance….I proceeded to catch a few more after that!

After the film show wrapped up last week, a group of us traveled down to Port Aransas to chase after redfish and soak up the scene on the Texas coast. We wade fished on the first day and saw plenty of tailing fish. I had a little trouble getting in position to make casts some of the time, but it was so cool to see so many schools of fish, and I did hook up eventually.



The Professor drove all the way from Alabama, Miles Nolte flew in from Montana, and Tosh was the ultimate Host of the Coast.


On the second day of fishing, I kayaked with Tosh and he put me on several schools of tailing fish. Conditions were tough with clouds, wind and higher water, but we were undeterred. It was an absolute blast fishing from the kayak.

Copy of DSC_6272


On our last night we met up up with the rest of the group where we laughed, drank and ate copious amounts of food, including grilled sausage and chicken, deep fried zucchini, fried jalapenos, fried trout, and some potato concoction that sorta blew my mind it was so good.


It was a big time down in Port Aransas. I can’t wait to go back. I am fairly obsessed with redfish at the moment and keep seeing those tails every time I close my eyes. For more pictures and some good tunes by Texas musician Phil Pritchett, enjoy this little slideshow I’ve whipped together.

14 Responses to “Red Drum Roll, Please…”
  1. Nice fish and a good time to boot.
    Tight lines

  2. That is great stuff. I love seeing great pics along with great Music.

  3. You rule FFC. I want your job/gig! Keep writin’ darlin’ I love it! Can’t wait til your up here. SOL

  4. Dash says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on your first red. Tell Miles I’m almost finished with the book and I’ll be ready for more pretty soon. Good stuff!

  5. Derik says:

    Thats awesome, I am yet to go Redfishing on the fly. I read an nifty article about fence lake that got me real stoked about it. Oh yeah, this is so far off topic, but they just announced the DMB is going to play ACL this morning sweet.

  6. marker150 says:

    Good Job!!!

  7. thanks all! I am really fired up about it. trying to figure out how I can sneak back to the coast amid my daughter’s end-of-school chaos, getting her ready for summer camp, and me ready for MT. could happen though. am loving those redfish.

    SqueakyOarLock — I will be there before you know it. love following the updates on your blog. Can’t WAIT to get there….tick tock

  8. Monty Montana says:

    Lady, I don’t care what else you try to accomplish in life, your a winner and please don’t ever loose that smile…it should be in a museum someplace.

    Oh yea we were talking about Redfish…chased them spotted tailed monsters from Texas to Mosquito Lagoon around Cape Canaveral in Florida…lost of fun anywhere.

  9. Parker says:

    Well, you put the ‘B’ in Badass, because right after the show we headed to Mansfield and caught very little in the way of fish on the fly, but I did manage to catch a nice wind burn. Evidently Tosh must have got some tips from Leslie during their photo shoot.

    Enjoyed meeting you at the show. Props to all of you guys for pulling it off! Let me know if you need some help next year.

  10. Monty — thanks for the nice words!! much appreciated

    Parker — great to meet you as well. we literally could not have pulled it off without you. thanks so much for pitching in!! I don’t know how we can wait til next year, it was so fun.

    things might be a little quiet around here til next week. I am in Nashville for my 20th highschool reunion. until then….Cheers!

  11. hdw says:

    red drum
    murd der

    just sayin …..

  12. Love the slideshow! Great tunes and great fish…what could be better?

  13. Brian says:

    Great stuff, keep up the good work

  14. Denver Homes says:

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