Who Tequila Shot JR?

I drove up to Dallas yesterday to play with friends and celebrate Mothers Day Weekend in a somewhat unconventional manner.

First I met my crew for lunch:


After lunch (which consisted of copious amounts of wine & champagne) we all trotted down the block to the 2nd anniversary party at Tailwaters flyshop where we were undoubtedly the least subtle people at the mellow, family-friendly crawfish boil.

It was a fun party, to be sure! Beer, burgers, crawfish and live music from a band called “Parachute Adams” that kept heads bobbing to some Widespread and other choice covers.

When we first arrived I instantaneously recognized this guy at one of the travel booths. Who was he? I knew him, I did. But I couldn’t place the face:


I sharked around his booth while he talked to customers about a lodge in Argentina. Who who who was he? Damn, I couldn’t figure it out.

Luckily he did. He came up to me about twenty minutes later and reminded me that we met last summer in Montana:


Hey there we are in a picture from last June! I have no idea whose hand that is. But the guy, Scott, is a friend of the Professor’s and he and his wife own a fabulous restaurant in Virginia City called Banditos.

Seriously small world.

Then I met this very nice guy named Jeff who is a veritable fly-fishing renaissance man. He represents Casa Blanca lodge in Mexico, a redfish lodge in Texas, and a new fishing site called sightcast.tv. He led an impromtu casting clinic in the parking lot and almost sold me a Freedom Hawk kayak.

One more keg beer and I’d have a picture of of that kayak on my car.

Many thanks to Tailwaters for a great Saturday afternoon. It’s a miracle we were able to make it to Saturday evening! Much to the dismay of the dining patrons near us, we did manage to overcome our day-drinking and reconvene for an evening of sushi, sake in a box, and some late-night dancing.

And just when we thought we were invincible….we were taken down by tequila shots. Who ordered those? Ugh! The night was pretty much over after that. Much like JR Ewing in his prime, we burned bright and flamed out fast against the alluring lights of the Dallas skyline.

Hey, we may have jumped the shark with the tequila shots, but it was worth it. A visit to Big D is always a great time…

7 Responses to “Who Tequila Shot JR?”
  1. Sad to have missed it. What, no token picture of the crawfish on the beer can or holding a cigarette? Both Tailwaters and ClassV have been raving about the FishHawks. Might be a ‘necessary’ purchase.

  2. Monty Montana says:

    Not sure I would be seen driving by the “School Book Depository” building with any of that crew.
    Tequila…now you upgraded yourself to top shelf crew member of Monty Montana’s drift boat.

    She own’s a drift boat, loves to fly fish, wears her hair in a ponytail, and sports a drop dead gorgeous smile…and now admits she drinks TEQUILA.

    “Gentlemen the perfect women has ben located” Only took me 60 years but the search is over.

  3. Fat Guy Alex says:

    I keep telling everyone, Tequila is good for nobody.

  4. Long Haired Dave says:

    Sorry I missed ya

    hit the party early

    had a sporting clays thing to do so I had to leave around noon:30.

    Sounds like the party got going a lot better in the afternoon than the morning!

  5. Thanks Monty! You are such a sweetheart!!

    And Alex….you are probably right, although I will likely never believe that.

    Long Haired Dave — we did not plan that well at all did we? Would have loved to have seen you! Next time. Am watching the next coast trip with eagle eye….

    Richie Pelican — don’t go spreading rumours now. I was not smoking. Although there may be some pelicans smoking this summer if I have anything to do with it. Project Pelican….very hush hush.

  6. I want in. Don’t even know what it is…but I want in.

  7. Richie the Pelican:

    I want in. Don’t even know what it is…but I want in.

    Tasers might be involved.
    Just kidding!
    (Sort of)

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