Frank Smethurst In My Parents Living Room

As you may recall, I was back home in Nashville last week for my high school reunion. We were all piled into my parents’ house for the long weekend which always produces a certain level of chaos entertainment. One morning I wandered into the kicthen/living-room area where my mother was scrambling eggs for Little Chick.

I glanced up to see fishing on the television. Mindlessly, I kissed Little Chick good morning and uttered “You catching up on your fly-fishing shows?”

My mother interjected, “Oh, that’s my friend Frank.”

I focused in more closely on the TV show. It was an episode of “On The Rise” with Frank Smethurst. Che? My mom doens’t know who Frank Smethurst is.

“Mother, you know who that is?”

“Yes. I told you, that’s my friend Frank. We used to fish with him in Colorado.”


Pointing at the TV and trying to get her attention, I added, “Well, you know he’s kind of a big deal? He was in one of the films in the Film Tour that we just did in Austin!”

Scooping eggs onto Little Chick’s plate she seemed unimpressed with my Frank newsflash. “Oh well, we used to catch a lot of fish with him ages ago. He’s from Georgia. Used to work at the Fish Hawk in Atlanta.” (Later I googled Frank’s bio and she was absolutely correct.)

Right about then, my dad sauntered into the room. I pointed at the TV and asked if he knew who that was.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Frank Smethurst. We used to fish with him on the Dolores all the time.” He proceeded to pull a picture frame from the bookshelf — a picture I’ve seen no less than 1,000 times mind you, but apparently I never offered it much attention. Because sure enough, there was my mom with Frank Smethurst.

Copy of smeth01

They regaled me with stories about fishing with Frank. Apparently he nicknamed two of the big fish they caught Sam & Dave. My mom caught Sam, and my dad caught Dave. Or was it the other way around? They couldn’t recall. But my mother could tell you in detail about fishing with him on Halloween and the hours of conversation they had about what his costume would be that night.

Then, as if she had it tucked right there in the fridge, she produced a shoe box of photos. She shuffled through and handed me a rubber band around a stack of photos with a sticky note that said “Frank Smithhurst — Colorado.”

Misspelling aside, sure enough there were more pictures of my parents fishing with Frank…

smeth02 (4)

smeth02 (3)


Small world stories never cease to amaze me.

15 Responses to “Frank Smethurst In My Parents Living Room”
  1. Derik D says:

    You just keep pulling them out of the hat there chick. I am constantly entertained.

  2. Frank says:

    Dear Fly Fish Chick, and daughter of Don and Nancy,
    I wanted to thank you for posting those pics from back in the day (circa 96) with your mom and Dave the 24 inch Cuttbow with a phd. Your mom posted up on that ultra selective fish, and during a Baetis hatch, threw one precise cast after another for seemingly an hour before she calmly announced to Don and I downstream that she had his ass. There was a long and merry chase, and finally Dave chilled in the shallows prior to posing with us for the shot above. Your mom and dad were a delight to spend time with, and caught tough fish while making it look easy. Looking at the photos brings back some terrific memories, neoprene notwithstanding.
    Thank you again, and please give your folks my best.


  3. Monty Montana says:

    Having Smethurst in your house is like having a puppy who not house broke…the guy cast with his left hand, what’s up with that?
    Oh’ and one more thing …he drives a damn Dodge and drinks white wine.

    Monty Montana

  4. Knock me over with a feather. Now we all know I’ve been on a celebrity streak in 2009. First the Governor, then The Lizard Man, and of course Leslie. Last week I hit a tennis ball with Andy Roddick (although I’m pretty sure now I have to stay at least 100 yds away from him), and this morning I ran into my old friend, musician Jack Ingram.

    But the celebrity encounter to top them all….WELCOME TO FFC, FRANK!! And many thanks for the super-kind words about my parents. They are going to be over the moon.

    I can’t believe I blogged about you, and then *POOF* you appeared. Like Santa or the tooth Fairy. Tomorrow I am going to blog about winning the lottery….cha-ching!

    @ Monty, you kill me. White wine & a Dodge. Careful what you say, Frank reads my blog now.

    @ Derik, as always, so glad you’re here. Although to be clear, credit goes to my mom for pulling this one out of the hat/shoebox.

    Cheers All!

  5. Troutman says:

    Well I’ll be. You sure got yourself a real celebrity there. Used to hang at the Alpine Angler, Aurora, Colorado, and swap the latest news from Montrose, CO with Frank. We just knew he’d with that Fly Fishing Masters thing sooner of later and dang if he didn’t. You’re right about the Dodge, but he always went for that Fat Tire Ale when we’d float the Arkansas up around Salida. I was so inspired by him on the Masters, that we took a week and hung out in Ennis, covered every inch of the Madison, just so we could say we fished the same waters as the pros. FFC you’re the best.

  6. Frank is a great guy. He fished as a Pro last year in The South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam. We hope he will do it again. Aug. 22. He didn’t win it, but he did donate some great stuff. Love to see you come up and fish with us!
    You also might want to know that @banningCollins is a legend in the Colorado area! and @MichaelGracie is becoming quite a celebirty.

  7. Labrat says:

    I think I’d be checkin’ me some more shoe boxes…might be some pics in there of the folks hangin’ with Willie and Merle…

  8. Richard says:

    I can’t tell, is that a mullet Frank is sporting under the trucker hat?

  9. Skookum says:

    Now let me tell you a little story about Frank Smethhurst, and bear in mind that he is a friend of mind and a generous man, but he ain;t getting away with this one scott-free. I heard a rumor that Frank Smethhurst was in one of them flyfishin’ movies here a piece back and he donned a monkey suit and did some fishin’ or something in Russia. Then I find this online interveiw with Frank, that calls him the “Troutsquatch”, wherein he discusses this monkey suit and how it occured to him that it would be entertainin’ to see a fella’ fishin’ in a monkey suit. Now that took me by surprise you see, cause I happened to be on the Deschutes with Frank a piece back making some show or some damned thing and I told him how some buddies and I had just done some steelhead fishing and we brought along a monkey suit. I tell Frank that my buddy Johhny put on the monkey suit and did some fishin’ and rowed the rapids and how we all thought that was funny as hell, and how we planned to make a short film bout’ the steelheading Sasquatch. So Frank, you ought’ be careful when talking bout’ your idea of fishin’ in a monkey suit, cause them boys from Oregon and Montana had the notion before you did and I reckon it was them that put the idea in your head in the first place Mr. Troutsquatch.

  10. die fische says:

    Frank! I know it’s hard to believe, but i just realized that Frank was the man that ruined my nonproductive day at the Lazy L&L back on December 10th 2008! At least i think it was him.

    There I was having a non-productive day but feeling okay about it. Along comes this “hot shit” fisher and a camera crew. Mind you this was the day of one of those cold snaps so nobody was out there until “Hollywood” strolled up. He and his ilk popped them out like nobody’s business. At the time i just got jealous and thought “what an ass”. Had i been realized it was “Felt Soul Media dude” i probably would have offered some regional pointers that would have been worthless.

    “Running Down the Man” rules! And really, had i realized it was him i probably would have asked about his exploits before hitting him up for a drink back in Gruene.

  11. walter enloe says:

    Frank was fishing crappies out of the toilet at 3 and shoes out of the family pool by 5. Not surprised by his wonderful success. Walter (his kindergarten teacher and weekend guardian)

  12. Tana Browers says:

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  13. Sandy says:

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  14. MAC says:

    “neoprene notwithstanding.”

    I was wondering about that! They almost looked like a pair of the old school Bear breathables from back in the day. What an excellent story. And Dr. Smethurst, thank you for the kind casting instruction the other day. I’m going to Practice up my longer casts with that first eye cocked at a 25. Because when you and I are in quepos chasing the Roostasaurus Rex on the beach this coming Jan. I want to be able to get it out there. P.S. I’m pretty sure Cain still rocks the Neoprene… thank you all. What a great set of memories.
    M. Crapo
    Ashton ID

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