Can’t Talk. Saving My Voice.

This is probably as good a time as any to let you know that I will be performing live in Pensacola, Florida this Friday night.

I’ve been taking eucalyptus drops, drinking hot tea with honey and whispering round the clock best I can. At this point I’m pretty much communicating by writing on a chalkboard that hangs around my neck, and I am only using my voice to practice my scales.

Scales? Yeah I noticed you perk up at that. Well in a rare exception, these scales don’t have anything to do with fish. Oh no. I am getting ready to sing my heart out Friday night.

Granted, I will not be the one on stage. But that’s just a minor detail, because I’ve been preparing for this show for nearly three decades. After all these years of waiting and hoping and practicing and memorizing lyrics and working on the accent and checking her schedule…..and I am finally going to see Loretta Lynn live in concert.


Oh, sshhhhtttt! Sorry. I have to save my voice. I’ve only been waiting for this moment since 1980 when “Coal Miner’s Daughter” came out and changed my world forever. I logged in countless hours practicing in front of my bedroom mirror singing into a hairbrush.

Ask my parents, they’ll tell you. Or my friends from highschool, or counselors from summer camp, or my college roommates. Hell, I received 17 noise violations my freshman year for singing Loretta songs too loudly in the dorm shower. Ask the stuffy losers from my voice classes in Boston who picked arias and Celine Dion songs, not Don’t Come Home A Drinking With Lovin’ On your Mind. Ask my neighbors here in Austin, or Little Chick, much to her chagrin. They can all testify to the fact that I like to sing me some Loretta.

“You come to tell me something, you say I ought to know…”

Whew, I’m getting excited just singing that one line. I might combust when she does Honky Tonk Girl. And perhaps one of my all time favorites is One’s On The Way which I did, in fact, have playing on a cassette tape in the delivery room when Little Chick was born. True story.

If you were loitering around this joint last spring you may recall that seeing Loretta in concert really has been a quest of mine. Just like last year, I have been dutifully checking her 2009 schedule, trying to pinpoint any city on her tour that I could reasonably afford to visit. The Professor learned of my cause and vowed to help me find a show. Lo and behold we were able to figure out a way to be in Pensacola for her concert at the Saenger Theatre.

Apologies in advance to anyone who will be seated near me. I will be singing. Loudly.

Until then, I am saving my voice. After all, in the words of Loretta herself, “I May Be Ignorant, But I Ain’t Stupid.” So for now, we’ll just let Sissy do Loretta…

17 Responses to “Can’t Talk. Saving My Voice.”
  1. is there any sweeter sound than the pedal steel in a honky tonk?

  2. horsedooty says:

    not sure this is where I should post this but everyone in and around the music world is missing a little bit more since last Saturday. Austin resident and super musician Stephen Bruton passed away from throat cancer. He was 60 and began his life long passion of guitars and words when he began working for Kris Kristofferson at age 22 or 23. Worked for Bonnie Raitt and Elvis Costello and many others including Bob Dylan. Lately he had his own band and produced from a studio in Austin. He was a life time friend of T-Bone Burnett and Delbert McClinton. His father was a jazz drummer and his brother Sumpter was a founding member and blues guitarist with a hot group called The Juke Jumpers. Sumpter and their mother own and run a record store (Record Town) in Fort Worth. Stephen left them and a wife Mary Bruton.

    for more click here


  3. the roughfisher:

    is there any sweeter sound than the pedal steel in a honky tonk?

    Roughfisher, I am picking up what you are putting down, my friend. I couldn’t agree more

    And Horsedooty, this is absolutely the right place for that sad news. My thoughts go out to his family. Just this morning I passed The Saxon Pub on South Lamar and wondered why it said “We’ll Miss You Stephen Bruton”

    It’s been a tough time for Texas music. We also lost Poodie, Willie Nelson’s longtime friend & stage manager

  4. Labrat says:

    I like Loretta, but I loved the duets with Conway…esp Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

  5. Labrat:

    I like Loretta, but I loved the duets with Conway…esp Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

    no doubt!! I LOVE their versions of “Back Street Affair” and “I Can’t Help If If I’m Still In Love With You”

  6. Troutman says:

    Oh such memories…happened to stumble into Spicewood, and the Pedernales Country Club (aka cut& putt). Willie’s own creation right next to his recording studio. Just so happened Poodie and Stephen Bruton were hanging out that morning with the Red Headed Stranger. After a few sipps of Willie’s morning brew, aka, Mr. J. Daniels, those boys whipped out some great sounds but for now reason other than they could. Later that day, Delbert McClinton stopped by to hang out. I’m telling you, money can’t buy those kind of memories. Sometimes it just be’s that way. FFC, you just sing as loud as you want.

  7. horsedooty says:

    great story Troutman. I am toying with changing my name to Trout Boy. My pal Hoot and I went to the Lower Mountain Fork couple of weekends ago and I now tell everyone I caught an 18 incher. Just 9 inches at a time. Hoot got skunked. It rained very hard some and should have been a great trip but for some reason the trout were not eating what we were serving. After the lightening started we decided to NOT stand in the river holding a 9 foot lightening rod. Better to come back another day.

  8. Yacht Club says:

    This honky done seen Ms. Loretta in concert a few years back in ole Charlottesville, VA at the ampi. Gotta love those sweet sounds, classic lyrics, and sequenced gowns. Have fun.

  9. Derik D says:


    I like Loretta, but I loved the duets with Conway…esp Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

    no doubt!! I LOVE their versions of “Back Street Affair” and “I Can’t Help If If I’m Still In Love With You”


  10. Monty Montana says:

    Hell All I got were tickets to see Cheech and Chong, me thinks something is amiss here.

  11. horsedooty says:

    have fun and sing loud and hurry back now, ya hear?

    doots soon to be trout boy

  12. Dash says:

    Hello Darlin’. My mom went to high school with Harold Jenkins a.k.a. Conway Twitty and he apparently was a pretty good football player. The 50-something year old legend goes something like this. The high school coach told young Harold one day, “Son, you’ll make a fine football player some day if you’ll just put down that damn guitar.” I guess the rest is history.

    Have fun in P’cola. Take your suit – the beach is awesome.

  13. trout boy says:

    “Take your suit – the beach is awesome.”

    Excellent idea! will there be pictures?

  14. Monty Montana says:

    Back to work girl…Loretta only has so many songs to sing.and if you have seen one beach you have seen them all.

    This better not be one of those extended vacations with not a word for the faithful followers…if left to our own minds to wonder “what’s up”…I’m sure we can figure out way the grin on the professors mug is seems permenent.Besides the Gudalupe is calling.

    Monty Montana

  15. no worries Monty! I’ll have a new post for you shortly. no beachtime on this trip, but there was good music, good food & good fishing

    tickle your fancy? stick with me now….

  16. Really good post, but I don’t think not talking is the solution.LOL. But I love Loretta and love her songs. I found one way to get your voice in good condition check here Thanks.

  17. I admit that I also find Loretta better. And among all her songs, “I feel like traveling on” is my favorite song. I like this song because I can really feel its message especially when I hear this line, “The Lord has been so good to me I feel like traveling on”.

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