Next Year I’m Selling Ad Space on Little Chick’s Camp Trunk

Even though it doesn’t start for another ten days, we are in full swing getting ready for summer camp. Little Chick decided she needed a little more flair on her camp trunk this year, but the only stickers I have are fishing related, save the one from our local organic market.

So forget Hannah Montana. Forget the Jonas Brothers or anything Disney. My daughter’s camp trunk looks like a drift boat. Or at the very least, a guide’s cooler.


The boys over at Buster refuse to give me my well-earned Dirtbag Badge (instead they dubbed me a ‘Hippie Dirtbag Mascot’ which I am pretty happy about, I won’t lie.) But now I’m starting to think Little Chick might earn her title fair & square. Aren’t stickers a core tenant of the Dirtbag Code?


Since apparently I’m not a full-fledged Hippie Dirtbag, I suppose I am free to operate as a NASCAR-minded, opportunistic, revenue-seeking, blood-sucking strategic marketing capitalist. So next year I’m charging for ad space on her trunk. It just might cover some of these exorbitant camp costs. Media kits will be available in the first quarter of 2010, and you should reserve space early, keeping in mind there will be a premium charged for front and the top.


Oh hell, we all know I’m too much of a softie to actually charge for ad space on my daughter’s camp footlocker! Spread the love, I say. On that note…a few words about some of these stickers and the good Montana people behind them:

Izaak’s Restaurant in Craig, MT. They work tirelessly to feed hungry and thirsty fisherman all season long, often cooking late hours in the kitchen to accommodate the diehards who refuse to tear themselves away from those late evening hatches and extended sunlight hours. This summer they are offering outdoor live music every Saturday night, and I am thrilled to report a recent addition to their lineup: This Saturday June13th at 8pm my good friend Randall Crane is playing at Izaak’s and will no doubt delight the crowd with his spot-on renditions of classic rock and jamband favorites. If you’re there, ask Randall to play “Ophelia” by The Band. He nails it every time.

406 Outfitters and Production. My buddy Lance Gleason is a Montana-based outfitter and talented filmmaker on the rise. Little Chick is a huge fan of LG. I hate to undermine his outlaw image, but he has been known to sit with her for hours at the bar in Izaak’s, treating her to Shirley Temples and playing tic tac toe. He even made this bracelet out of flyline for Little Chick. She’s been wearing it for almost a year now. Little Chick [hearts] 406 OUTFITTERS.


The Trout Shop. These guys are so good to me. As we speak, Mike Bushly is helping me out of a jam with my boat. (Thank you Bushly!) Everyone in this shop will be crazy busy through the fall, working like madmen. But don’t feel too bad, rumor has it Bushly had a pretty good spring on the Missouri:


The Alaska Chronicles. Rave reviews continue to pour in for Miles Nolte’s book which paints a raw, personal and often comedic view of his summer as an Alaskan fishing guide. If you’re searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift, search no further. This is it.

Take a look at some of these friends who make my time in Montana about so much more than just fishing. I am counting the days until I get back out there. But first….we have to get Little Chick ready for camp!

13 Responses to “Next Year I’m Selling Ad Space on Little Chick’s Camp Trunk”
  1. Michael says:

    Jeez…I just took all the stickers off of four storage crates full of gear, thinking to start over. Now I feel like such a loser (or should that be overly conformist member of society?).

  2. Steve D says:

    A flyline bracelet….now thats what I need to make for my girls!

    Steve D

  3. itchy dog says:

    I’d buy some ad space for Olive ; ) Gotta be hundreds of other little chicks that will see ‘em!

  4. now that would actually be the right audience!! sweet Olive….

    I sense the permit sticker she wants to add is going to be lost on the other nine year old birds in her cabin

  5. Have a great time at camp Little Chick. By the way…where is a T.F.M. decal? I know you’ve got a couple.

  6. Melissa says:

    I just bought a copy of the book. I hope Little Chick gets a kickback from the sale as I heard about it first on her pink footlocker. I’d really like one of those 406 Outfitter bracelets too, but I don’t want Lance to think his business has gone to the “birds” — err, chicks.

  7. Rob says:

    My blog title would take up WAY too much room on that. Any chance of getting a larger trunk?

  8. cameron– I wish I could explain/anticipate the mind of a 9-year old girl. I think she was picking the stickers from people she knew for the most part. and the carp, well it looked like a goldfish to her. don’t feel bad though—I tried to offer her my prized UNC sticker (from the 1993 championship era!) and she wouldn’t use it

    melissa — thrilled you got the book. as much as I have evangelized about it, I am tinkled PINK you learned of it from Little Chick’s camp trunk. too funny. enjoy!

    rob — I hear ya. the revenue opportunity from this trunk clearly has a cap on it


  9. Tosh says:

    By my count, at this point, there are about 600 Alaska Chronicles stickers in circulation. So far I’ve seen them affixed to driftboats, windshields, fly boxes, rod cases, float tubes, whiskey flasks, road signs, and a few other unmentionable places.

    But THIS ONE! on Little Chick’s camp trunk is the first to result in a verifiable direct sale.

    Hope you enjoy the book, Melissa, and thanks to FFC and LittleC for flying the flag.


  10. Derik D says:

    You need a Fresh Plus sticker on there to cover up that Thoms market. Stop in some time, 12th and West Lynn.

  11. murdock says:

    I don’t have any stickers but will send a shrpie marker. People get ticked off when I market on their pick up trucks.

  12. Monty Montana says:

    as long as this post has been up, you could start selling now and be a couple of days ahead.

    Where you been…life is getting a ittle slow dealing with Attorney’s …I need another FFC fishing story.


  13. Kentucky Jim says:

    Any stickers are good stickers, as long as LC likes ‘em. Her camp, her trunk. Go, LC; have fun in that camp!

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